Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village Brings Fun to Fall

Activities may be winding down a bit as summer fades into the rear-view mirror, but at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver, Fall brings new opportunities for celebration.  Come and visit the artists at the gallery on Saturday, September 9 from 4 to 6pm and celebrate new artistic offerings.

Along with all the fun, enjoy beverages, beer and wine and some great food.  Featured artists for September are wood artist, Greg Cotton, and photographer, Richard Frederick.

Cotton is a long time and very popular artists at the gallery.  His Functional Art Pieces range from beautiful kitchen cutting boards, trays and other unique items to carefully crafted games for the entire family.  Some of his most popular items include a clever solution to carry wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

Game players will love Cotton’s Chinese Checkers, Mancala and Cribbage boards.  Children and adults alike are fascinated with the artist’s intriguing and challenging wooden puzzles.  Cotton likes to use exotic woods to bring out their natural colors in intricate patterns.  Christmas shoppers will be able to get a head start on a perfect gift.

Frederick loves to travel and capture photos of the many marvels of the world.  His joy is to utilize his scientific background to document the beauty of the places he visits.  Frederick is on the elusive trail of the beautiful quality of light.  He refers to lights as the photographer’s opium.

The artist has just returned from an extended European trip where he has been able to capture the light in a unique way.  Often gallery visitors are fooled into thinking that the light is coming from behind the art piece.

Come and view these special pieces of art, plus meet the rest of the artists at the gallery and learn about their works as well.

In September, open from 10am to 7pm and closed only on Tuesdays.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village

Building 19



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