BEAT Children’s Theatre Invites You to Imagine

Where does your imagination take you?  Can you pretend away a bad day?  Do you travel to distant lands and have exotic adventures?  Has a truly magical story ever changed your life?  BEAT Children’s Theatre explores all of these questions with their new production of The Little Princess, based on the classic, beloved tale by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

A cast of 29 creative and courageous young performers tackle the wide range of characters as they tell the story of Sara Crewe and the extraordinary change in her fortunes.  From a happy, wealthy upbringing in India, to a cold and difficult English boarding school, to poverty and hard labor, Sara Crewe’s story allows us to examine what truly matters in our lives, and how a deep and colorful imagination can actually alter the world around us.  Sara is a gifted storyteller, and her tales allow her friends to recognize strengths and emotions they had never known they had before.

At BEAT young actors are challenged to develop complex and interesting characters – to rise to the task of making a classic story relevant to a modern audience.  One of the story’s central characters, Ram Dass, an Indian Lascar, tells the audience that Sara’s imagination will push away their worries, even if only for a little while…and the cast of The Little Princess does just that.  With skill and talent well beyond their ages, the actors draw you into the lives of their characters and take their audience on a magical journey.

Designed to contrast the delights of imagination with the often dark and dismal reality, the story of The Little Princess has brought hope to readers for generations.  BEAT invites you to come enjoy this adventure of contrasts, of heart, of friendship…of magic.

July 15-24 at 2nd Street Theater

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