BEAT Children’s Theatre Presents CLUE

(Photo | Courtesy of BEAT Children’s Theatre)

 It’s a dark and stormy night, and you’ve been invited to a very unusual dinner party. Each of the guests has an alias, the butler offers a variety of weapons and the host is dead! So WHODUNNIT? Join the iconic oddballs known as Scarlett, Plum, White, Green, Peacock and Mustard as they race to find the murderer in Boddy Manor before the body count stacks up.

Originally patented by a British musician, Anthony Pratt in 1944 and then released in 1949, the game of Clue was first called Cluedo. Pratt wanted the game to be a replica of a parlor game played by he and his friends. Just as the game then came to be played, Pratt’s “Murder” game involved one of his friends being given the role of the killer, while the remaining guests worked to discover the killer’s identity. Not much has changed though the years for this timeless classic. Since its debut, both the board game and movie have become iconic, and the characters and story are well known among all ages.

BEAT Children’s Theatre is excited to be showcasing this classic murder mystery comedy under the direction of Julee Vadnais. Julee is not a stranger to the BEAT family. She has taught many classes including Teeny BEAT for our little actors. Julee is making her directorial debut for BEAT however, with a cast or 12 talented actors. She has a long history of teaching and entertaining. Julee has a degree in performing arts from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Antioch University in Los Angeles.

As a former performer at Disney World, a circus performer, and a stunt performer, she is sure to challenge these actors to bring their best character to the stage. Julee is backed by a great directing team as well including Assistant Director and Stage Manager, Megan Merydith and Julee’s long time Stage Assistant, Karen Pine.

Can you solve the mystery of WHODUNNIT? Whether or not, come to cheer on your favorite character, laugh at the comedic storyline, or sit back and enjoy this classic in another form. Clue will be performing at Cascade Theatrical Company July 18-28.

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