BEAT Creating Mainstage Productions for Youth

beatBEAT produces several mainstage productions every year, and the actors can range in ages from six to 20. The director will always want an actor to be successful and will make choices that work not only for the overall production but for the actor as well.  

As one can imagine, there are several levels of ability in each group that convenes and it is a worthwhile challenge to get all the pieces to work as one. Live theatre performing is often divided into three equal parts. Acting plus dancing plus singing. This is called being a triple threat.

To become a triple threat it takes a lot of training. A skill is a learned ability and a result of study, effort and training to see progression or improvement. A talent is a natural ability to do something. Those very fortunate to be naturally talented need to recognize the need for further development and improvement, however.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and BEAT welcomes all youth actors, no matter their experience or motivation. When speaking about a young, budding actor with dreams of Broadway or film, whether an actor has skill or talent or both, motivation to be better at the craft are required for success.  


BEAT is very lucky to be faced with the challenges of meeting the demands of their growing organization. They are in the midst of organizing Black Box productions and ongoing weekly classes in addition to summer BEAT the Heat classes. The new studio has a very busy calendar.

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