First Friday Artwalk July 4 (2)

Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing
550 NW Franklin Ave.
Celebrating First Friday with works by Pam Jersey Bird, Justyn Livingston and Amy Royce. Jersey Bird lives among pine needles, aspens, rocks, wild flowers, Wychus Creek and natural inspiration. This combined with observation of seasonal changes in the forest, the Three Sisters Mountains, the light, snow and ice, coyotes and birds, inform her abstract painting filled with color, movement, texture and joy. A former New York City art instructor and museum educator, she also credits the abstract expressionists influence on her engaging acrylic artwork.
Livingston notes that experimentation was the household norm with a painter/printmaker mother, and a neuroscientist father. She learned early that doodling constituted a valid form of mark-making which continues in her present work with paint, charcoal, found objects and other materials. Her background includes formal academic training but to Livingston, art is a form of play coming from self-discovery, joy and other unknowable places.
Royce describes the physical qualities of encaustic – its viscosity, malleability, texture, translucency – all entrance her with the medium. Encaustic’s vast flexibility interfaces easily with artist’s perceptions that reality appears true mostly because we believe it to be so…encaustic can enfold both the defined image and aid to articulate its illusion and emotion. A Summa Cum Laude bachelor of art graduate from Humboldt State University in California, she resides in Bend.
Noi Thai serves wine and Thai appetizers. Tom Freedman, bass, leads Miguel de Alonso, Flamenco guitar, violin and Oud, with John Riordan, congas and percussion in performance. Billye Turner organizes the Franklin Crossing exhibits with info at 503-780-2828 or


Atelier 6000
389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Ste. 120, 541-330-8759,
Features creative kites and floatable forms by artists George Peters and Melanie Walker in the Floatables and Flyables exhibit. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Peters and Walker are nationally known for their aerial and wind sculptures, mobiles and installations. The pair have installed more than 70 large-scale public art installations across the United States and abroad.


Azillion Beads
910 Harriman St., Ste. 100, 541-617-8854.
Featuring Azillion Bead’s jewelry artists.

Bend Premier Real Estate
550 NW Franklin Ave., #108, 434-989-3510,,
Embark on an enlightening journey with internationally acclaimed artist, Alfred A. Dolezal, to explore another realm where art is much more than just a painting. Weaving together vibrant colors in dynamic combinations, evocative symbolism, parables and thought-provoking imagery, Dolezal will share his understanding of the global evolutionary changes as we move through a unique and critical period of human history. These contemporary oils on canvas examine the deeper meaning of life and tell a human interest story. Explore another realm where art is much more than a painting.


Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty
821 NW Wall, 541-383-7600 ext.211,
Featuring Cameron Kaseberg whose medium is photography, inks and solvent transfers. Join us for cocktails and appetizers First Friday.


CENTURY 21 Lifestyles Realty
550 NW Franklin Ave., Suite 188,
Featuring oil paintings from local artist Suzi Izer. Enjoy food, drinks, and amazing art – see you there!


Crow’s Feet Commons
875 NW Brooks St., 541-728-0066,
Sweet brews and good vibes for your First Friday imbibing!


Jeffrey Murray Photography
118 NW Minnesota Ave. 925-389-0610,
Landscape photography by Jeffrey Murray from local and national locations.


Mockingbird Gallery
869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107,
Featuring the creative talents of Northwest artists Jack Braman and Richard McKinley once again for an exhibit titled Luminations. The gallery is filled with a wonderful selection of new artwork. During artwalk hear the jazz sounds of Rich Hurdle and Friends.
Both artists infuse their paintings with a soft atmospheric light created by their masterful use of color. They are avid plein air painters and they divide their time between field study and studio time.
Braman has spent countless hours observing and painting the landscape, striving to capture the character of the land. He paints in both acrylic and oil, and focuses on the light moods of waterways and landscapes of the Northwest. In the field, he sketches, photographs, paints, absorbs the emotions and the play of light in the natural scene. Back in the studio, he pulls together all this visual information and creates scenes that are both calming and tranquil.
McKinley paints ethereal scenes with soft colors; violets, hazy blues and shimmering greens. He combines color schemes of a wistful nature that evoke the poetry and mood of a landscape. His impressionistic views of Northwest landscapes include the mountains and rivers of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, where Richard grew up. The haunting beauty of that region, along with the American Southwest, are the subjects of much of his work.


Art at the Oxford
Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-382-8436.
Celebrates First Friday with photography by Christian Heeb. Renowned international artist/photographer Heeb, working with a major German publication, created a series of Asian images during a prolonged trip through Thailand. Personal pursuits led him to photograph historical shrines featuring elegant ancient sculptures of the Buddha. The artist later crafted the Buddha images into a series printed on metal, lending an iconographic edge to the stunning work appearing in the July exhibition.
A professional photographer for 25 years, Heeb has traveled with his wife Regula extensively throughout the world for book and magazine publishers. He is known worldwide for his images of Native Americans and landscapes appearing in over 140 large format books and countless other publications.
The Heebs, residing in Bend for 14 years while maintaining international careers, organize photo tours and workshops throughout the globe. Billye Turner, art consultant, organizes exhibitions for the Oxford Hotel lobby and provides additional info at 503-780-2828 or


Naked Winery, 330 SW Powerhouse Dr. Ste.110, Old Mill District.
Featuring artist Roz Eaton.

Paul Scott Gallery
869 NW Wall St., Ste. 104, 541-330-6000,
New works by Northwest artists Robin and John Gumaelius and Mel McCuddin. The Gumaeliuses, a husband and wife team of sculptors, create most unusual works in porcelain, each telling its own story in complex color glazes.
McCuddin, an oil painter, lets his color canvases naturally evolve to create wonderfully figurative works from his intriguing imagination. 

Painted Paradise Gallery
841 NW Bond St., Ste. 12, 541-280-2405 or 541-80-0320,
Original art and custom frames. Owner Ken McCreary paints on natural materials such as plaster, stone and natural wood. McCreary started about 40 years ago drawing hot rods for friends in high school. Surfing around the California coast translated into seascape airbrush paintings on canvas, vans, cars and surf boards. Displays of original paintings by Ken Mac in oil, acrylic and digital art. The subject matter of his paintings are all about his own ideas of “paradise” in landscapes and tropical seascapes. Some wildlife and of course hot rods in a digital medium.


Piacentini Book Arts
Studio & Gallery
2146 NE Fourth Ave., Ste. 140, 541-633-7055,,
The first Book Arts Studio Opens July 4. Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was a broadside—an early component of the book arts? Piacentini Book Arts opens its doors to the public beginning Friday, July 4, 2-5pm.
The gallery is open to the public every Friday and Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm and by appointment. Presenting What is an Artist Book? –exhibit is an introduction to artist books and features work by book artist and owner of Piacentini Book Studio, Linda Piacentini-Yaple. Piacentini-Yaple’s work explores the diversity of the book form as sculpture, mixed media art, verbal exploration and social change using printmaking, letterpress, calligraphy and digital techniques. Johanna Drucker, author of the Century of Artists’ Books describes the artist book, “as a single impulse of expression in a variety of media.
Symbolic forms of language and imagery demonstrate a vital form for immediate direct expression, and a means of direct communication.”
Piacentini-Yaple has lived in Bend for five years and studied book arts at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland and has exhibited worldwide. Her artist books reside in private collections in England, Italy, Australia, California and Oregon and special collections at the University of Washington. She is a member of A6 in Bend, the Guild of Book Workers and the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society in London.
Her goal is to raise the awareness of book arts through gallery exhibits and educational workshops to advance the emerging art of the book in Central Oregon.

Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave., 541-306-3176,
Outside of the Box features local artists Dee McBrien-Lee, Anne vonHeideken, Ian Herdell and Laura Childers. Mc-Brien-Lee’s new acrylic works are evidence of her push to develop a looser, more abstract style. In order to evolve, McBrien-Lee felt it necessary to lose herself completely and journeyed “down the rabbit hole” by re-reading the Alice books. The results include a series of 14 paintings which tell the story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland in a bold, exciting way.  
vonHeideken has been designing and making jewelry for 15 years. She is inspired by the bold colors of the Southwest and the beauty of natural stones and pearls. Her goal is to create beautiful, affordable, wearable art.
Ian Herdell and Laura Childers, in a business called Cambrian Company, create home furnishings from sustainable sourced woods, including boxes, tables, cabinets and more. The work for Red Chair Gallery will showcase their unique style that blends forms found in nature with fine woodworking and marquetry. To showcase the natural beauty of the wood, no dyes or stains are used, and each piece is finished with oil varnish and wax for lasting beauty.


Sage Custom Framing
834 NW Brooks St., 541-382-5884,
Featuring a group show titled Summer. It showcases the work of a variety of Central Oregon artists and their individual interpretations of what summertime means to them. A wide range of mediums, sizes, styles and subject matter can be seen in this show. 

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse
835 NW Bond St., Bend, 541-312-2001.
Featuring Megan Stumpfig, Bend native, who has recently returned to Bend after a year abroad teaching English in Colombia. Stumpfig’s exhibition entitled Magick features artwork in oil, spray paints, acrylic, screen printing and etching. Her process is continually evolving and adapting, experimenting with new mediums and materials shape and influence her particular methods of patterning and layering, which make up an underlying structure in Stumpfigs artwork.

Tumalo Art Company
450 SW Powerhouse Dr., Ste. 407, 541-385-9144,
Featured artist, Gil Dellinger, fell in love with the Central Oregon landscape and has recently relocated to Bend from California. As a professor of art at the University of the Pacific he mentored many artists and built a solid national reputation for his landscapes, working in soft pastel, oil and acrylic. Painting from life, his artwork captures the majesty of our land from ocean to mountains to desert. Gil’s images of Yosemite are featured in the 2013 hardback edition of Art of the National Parks with his art gracing the cover. He is a signature member of the California Art Club, current president of PAPA (Plein Air Painters of America) and teaches workshops locally and throughout the country.


Velvet Lounge
805 NW Wall St., 541-728-0303,
Local artist Caroline Cornell will be showing a new series. Her portfolio is a delicate blend influenced by nature, color and light. She is inspired by the various cultures she experiences in her travels. Starting at 7pm.


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