Bend Cultural Tourism Fund Commision Meeting to Discuss New Grant Category

The BCTF Commission will have its public, quarterly meeting Thursday, December 15 from 2–4pm at the Des Chutes Historical Museum, 129 NW Idaho Ave.

The Commission will be discussing the new grant category, the Catalyst grants which are intended to support the development of packages or special promotions for arts or cultural tourism activities with the intent of increasing cultural tourism activity in the City of Bend.
Additionally, the Commission will be electing a new executive committee. There will be time for public comment at the end of the meeting.

The agenda can be found here:
Bend Cultural Tourism Fund: The purpose of the Bend Cultural Tourism Fund is to enhance the local economy through the promotion and cultivation of Bend’s cultural tourism programs. The awarded grant funds will be used to: help attract cultural tourists during the shoulder seasons and winter months, when cultural tourism organizations are most active; diversify Bend’s tourism offerings; and build on efforts to establish Bend as a premier year-round cultural tourism destination.

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