Bend’s First Friday Artwalk Helps You Welcome Spring with Art, Wine & Shopping




1. Atelier 6000 541-330-8759 2. Alleda Real Estate 541-633-7590 3. City Hall 541-388-5517 4. Desperado 541-749-9980 5. Franklin Crossing 541-382-9398 6. Karen Bandy Studio 541-388-0155 7. Lubbesmeyer Studio 541-330-0840 8. Red Chair Gallery  541-306-3176 9. Sage Custom Framing 541-382-5884 10. The Oxford 877-440-8436 11. Tumalo Art Co.  541-385-9144  (Interested in getting on the ArtWalk map? Ask us how!)


Alleda Real Estate 25 Northwest Minnesota Avenue, Suite 1. Two local wildlife artists present Wild and Tame, a combination of paintings and sculptures depicting a variety of media and animal subjects in an exhibit devoted to the animals they love. Both artists are members of the High Desert Art League.
Vivian Olsen’s paintings begin as visions in her mind which merge with lively scenes of birds and animals she sees while walking in wild areas. With observations and many photographs she begins to paint and gradually her mental vision is coaxed into being. Olsen’s recent works on display are oil paintings of large water birds bathed in golden light – all from her Water Birds Series, of two affectionate burros and two young ravens, both created using a mixed media of watercolor and pastel. Owl Eyes will be watching you, and even a piglet gets his moment of fame. Olsen is represented by Tumalo Art Works in Tumalo, Oregon.
An avid naturalist Joren Traveller enjoys traveling throughout the West gathering ideas for her art from places visited and animals observed. After moving to Central Oregon Traveller has pursued her love of sketching, painting and sculpting. Captivated by form and texture she works bronze and ceramic to produce beguiling sculptures. Primarily a sculptor, for this show Traveller presents her painting series Horns of the Wild West featuring pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep and a mountain goat. Also shown are works in ceramic as well as some of her favorite domestic pets and other animals done in oil, acrylic and pastels. Traveller is represented locally by the Red Chair Gallery.

Art in the Atrium at Franklin Crossing 550 NW Franklin. Fabrications – The Art of Quilting, an exhibit of 32 quilts, hosted in conjunction with the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show organization.
This second annual exhibition of Fabrications thru March 31 during building hours (7am – 7pm) and features 28 quilters including Central Oregon artists Helen Brisson, Donna Cherry, Sarah Kaufman, Joanne Myers, Janelle Rebick, Robin Ryan, Kristin Shields, Charlene Kenny, June Jaeger, Sheila Finzer, Jean Wells, Ruth Ingham, Tonye Phillips, Wendy Hill, Joan Metzger, Linda Saukkonen and Carol Webb.  Artists from other areas include Karla Nelson (Eugene, OR), Adriene Buffington (Gilbert, AZ), Kathy Blondell, Valri Chiappetta, Betty Daggett and Jill Hoddick (Portland area), Erika Close, Deb Sorem (Salem, OR), Catherine Beard (Springfield, OR), Karen Donobedian (Waldport, OR) and Cathy Erickson (Washougal, WA).    
Pat Clark, Atelier 6000 (Bend) and Donna Rice, master quilter, served as jurors for the exhibit. Rice notes that the selected pieces “…reveal the complex endeavor of manipulating fabric as an artistic medium.” Clark adds, “The artistic vision…of Central Oregon is greatly enriched by this art, craft and process.”
About half of the quilts are available for purchase with a portion of proceeds benefiting the non-profit Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. As the name denotes, the organization hosts the annual outdoor quilt show in Sisters – the largest of its kind in the world – this year on July 13.  
Noi Thai, the recently opened restaurant at Franklin Crossing, will serve appetizers and wine. George Bouhey, local jazz music instructor (performing regularly at Franklin with Tommy Leroy Trio), brings his jazz students from Mt. View, Summit and Cascades Academy to perform throughout the evening. Billye Turner organizes exhibitions for Franklin Crossing and provides additional information at  

Atelier 6000 389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Suite 120, 541-330-8759, The Atelier 6000 presentation gallery emphasizes multimedia approach to contemporary printmaking and book arts, while preserving and honoring reference to 15th – 21st century process. The gallery is dedicated to presenting six contemporary edge and theme-based exhibits per year.
Above and Below the Surface, highlights the art of the collagraph and celebrates Glen Alps for the 1950’s conceptual development of the collagraph – the NW claim to fame for printmakers.

Bend Brewing Company 1019 NW Brooks St., 541-383-1599, Music by Laurel Brauns 6:30pm.

Bend City Walls at City Hall Exhibition 710 NW Wall Street. 541-388-5517, City of Bend Arts, Beautification & Culture Commission’s (ABC Commission) fifth City Walls at City Hall art show, UNSEEN::WORLD, has been providing a clever and exciting way to inspire community through art. UNSEEN::WORLD can be seen during Bend City Hall business hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Show closes March 29.

Bend d’Vine 916 NW Wall St., 541-323-3277 featuring Powskichic of Bend, a/k/a Brenda Reid Irwin. Live music on First Friday featuring The Django Band. Music from Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris featuring Steve Thorp on guitar and John Irwin. 

Bend Your Imagination 126 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-678-5146, Featured artist Dorota Nowark, with original oil paintings and photography.

Crow’s Feet Commons behind the Tower Theatre in Mirror Pond Plaza, 541-728-0066, A not-so-forgotten but recently rejuvenated part of “old town” Bend’s rich history.

Desperado Contemporary & Nostalgic Western Store 330 SW Powerhouse, Old Mill District. 541-749-9980. Bend artist Barbara Slater is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive. Slater continues her studies with different genres, painting still-lifes, florals, landscapes and animals. Animals are her present focus with images of vibrant roosters, horses, cows and other barnyard residents. Painting these rural inhabitants with love and respect, Slater gives each animal an attitude and personality. Slater is a member of Oil Painters of America, California Art Club, American Women Artists (AWA) and The High Desert Art League. Slater’s paintings are an ongoing exhibit at Desperado at the Old Mill.

Feather’s Edge Finery 113 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-306-3162, Portland artist, Jen Vaughn and her new collection: Spaces Between. An exploration of human and natural spaces and the unavoidable influence of time. Images are printed on aged steel.

The Horned Hand 507 NW Colorado Ave., 541-728-0879, A wide variety of art, music and beer.

John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series. 1006 NW Bond St., Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings.

Karen Bandy Design Jeweler 25 NW Minnesota Ave. #5, 541-388-0155, Tucked behind Thump coffee and Aleda real estate, Karen Bandy’s studio is not easy to find but well worth the effort. You will see original jewelry and fine art all designed and created by Karen Bandy. The colors will wow you, the designs will intrigue you, and you’ll be amazed at how comfortable her jewelry is to wear. “The connection of the paintings with the jewelry is evident in my work, even though it is for the most part an unconscious connection. I’m sure the years of designing jewelry, my use of color and shapes, drives me in my paintings but I never set out deliberately to make that connection. It just happens,” says Bandy.

Kariella Boutique Part of the MUSE conference on the March 1 art walk featuring Sheila Dunn. Thru March,

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery The Old Mill District, second story loft, 541-330-0840, The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. The working studio and gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, and the Lubbesmeyers welcome your visit.

Mary Medrano Gallery 25 NW Minnesota Avenue #12 (above Thump Coffee), 408-250-2732, 6-9pm for Open Studio.

Mockingbird Gallery 869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107, Bears show celebrating the sculptor Walt Horton and his wonderfully creative bronze sculptures. Enjoy the jazz sounds of Rich Hurdle and Friends. Look into the eyes of Walt Horton’s bears (or any of his animals), and their personality speaks to you.  Many sculptors have depicted animals in humorous situations, but Walt’s work has an added feature: personified human emotions and feelings. Each piece is a snapshot of human behavior and a story told in bronze.  

Art at the Oxford in the Oxford Hotel lobby, 10 NW Minnesota, celebrates Art Walk presenting collage by Kaycee Anseth in conjunction with The MUSE Room of The Muse Conference in Bend.  
Anseth uses discarded fashion and home decor magazines, products of the consumer culture, for creating intricately detailed collages that explore the realms of story-telling and through personal narrative. Her process resembles painting with paper – incorporating small pieces cut from the saturated palettes of high-gloss advertising pasted/transformed into both intricate patterns and whimsical figures.  
A Central Oregon artist for 10 years, she likens this time-consuming, meditative process to Bhakti Yoga, an act of devotion, similar to lighting candles or saying prayers. Anseth’s work appears in the Oxford lobby in cooperation with The MUSE Room March 1-3.
Billye Turner now organizes art for the Oxford lobby and provides additional information at  

Patagonia @ Bend 920 NW Bond Street, Suite 101, 541-382-6694, Featuring the photography of Mike Putnam.

Paul Scott Gallery 869 NW Wall Street, Suite 104, 541-330-6000, Just down the breezeway opposite the Boken restaurant. Spotlights Russian artists. With Gallery Russia, sister gallery in Scottsdale, Paul Scott Gallery has been able bring an exclusive selection of Russian works to Bend. Select works by Artem Tolstukhin, Daniil Volkov, Victoria Kalaichi. We have more than twenty years of experience specializing in Russian art.

QuiltWorks 926 NE Greenwood Ave., 541-728-0527. Featured quilter is VaLoy Freeman from Sunriver and the theme quilt exhibit is Monochromatic. The exhibit will run until April 3.

Red Chair Gallery 103 NW Oregon Ave. in the historic O’Kane building, 541-306-3176, Here Comes Spring featuring Beale Jones prints, Blue Spruce Pottery and Anne Von Heideken’s jewelry. 
Jones loves the excitement and the element of surprise as well as the textural changes in printmaking.   She loves to work on larger pieces that she uses a 10 to 15 pound roller to ink her plate. One new piece for the show was run through the press five times to get the colors and shapes just right. Michael Gwinup of Blue Spruce Pottery has been working at his craft in Bend since 1976. The landscapes of the High Desert has been an inspiration to Gwinup and are often reflected in the scenes of mountains, lakes and canyons that adorn his pottery. His large vases are handmade using two potter’s wheels, the base made on one and the a second section is thrown on another wheel, with consecutive cylinders added until the desired height is reached. After drying for a day, Gwinup carves in the designs and textures with lava rock and other natural materials. The glazes are individually applied and the vases are then fired in the Raku or stoneware process.
Von Heideken creates unique, one of a kind jewelry from natural stones and pearls. For the March show her thoughts were “all about pearls.”

Sage Custom Framing & Gallery Exhibits 834 NW Brooks St., 541-382-5884, Featured artist for March – Anne Egan- Landscapes in Oil and Acrylic. “I’ve always wanted to live in the forest of the Pacific Northwest and build my own one room rustic cabin so I could paint all the scenery and spectacular sunsets.” Egan, who grew up in southern California, is getting closer to attaining her goal. The cabin is still in the works, but after moving to Bend the dream of painting scenery and sunsets is very much alive.
Egan’s grandmother, a newspaper illustrator in the 1920s, introduced her to the world of art at a young age.  Years later, when attending California State University at Long Beach, she planned an art major, but came to a realization. “I discovered I was too moody to create at 9am so I changed to speech communication and public speaking.”
Working in her studio her moods come very much into play. She paints with large brushes, big strokes and lots of color. She calls herself “an emotional painter” and believes the tone of a painting’s background reflects the true personality of the painter. The positive energy in her work is preserved on canvas and then is an uplifting force on gray winter days when inspiration may be scarce.
Egan works part-time for Arts Central at Art Station and also volunteers at a local pre-school. She resides in Bend with a dear friend and a golden retriever named Sophie.

The Silver Otter 706 SW Industrial Way, Suite 100, Bend. 541-241-7818. Exhibiting a collection of locally made art and handmade crafts from all over the world.

Thump 25 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-388-0226, Featuring the work of Sheila Dunn, “My latest body of work explores the integration and disintegration of identity within the contexts of relationship, gender and culture. The late twenties have proved to be a complex phase of life, wrought with periods of heartache and uncertainty, followed by periods of immense discovery and awareness. Through the constant process of defining and re-defining my relationship with others I have been able to confront (sometimes hesitantly and sometimes boldly) my relationship to self. This cycle of (dis)integration is apparent in my technical approach toward the work – the fractal brushstrokes of the figure extend into the environment while traces of the environment always remain present within the figure.”

Tumalo Art Company at Old Mill District, 450 SW Powerhouse Dr., #407, 541-385-9144, Mountains & Motels—from the Majestic to the Mundane featuring oil paintings by Janice Druian who has two artistic passions on the opposite side of the spectrum—the beautiful scenery of the west, as displayed in paintings of the majestic Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountains, and what she calls her “guilty pleasure,” the run down, and often vacant motels that used to be seen on most U.S. and state highways. “They are disappearing fast, so I feel a bit like an anthropologist, recording what was there for future generations to see. Well, that is rather a grand way of saying I just like painting these sad little relics of another time.”
Janice will be joined by Nancy Dasen, whose expertly hand-built ceramics often wink with droll humor.

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse 835 NW Bond Street, Bend, 541-312-2001. Featuring Lucynda Campbell Flower Oil Paintings. Campbell’s brightly colored paintings come from a happy place inside her with the wish to simply make someone smile. Campbell feels her work doesn’t need explaining…the flowers make her artist statement.

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