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oregonsa6Stunning Temporary Art at Oregon Sand Castles

This year’s sand castles competition held on Oregon’s coast was stunning, the best yet, according to those lucky enough to be present before the ocean washed away the works of art.

The judging must be completed before the tide comes in and washes the work away. That gives everyone about six hours. oregonsa1

There are ribbons and awards for the competition. But no money involved.

The competition is held at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

It’s hard to tell whether the participants or the spectators enjoy this event more. It all begins just after the early morning high tide and ends as the next high tide reclaims the beach. The date and times vary from year to year.

Anyone can participate. The emphasis is on fun. Contestants are individuals or teams by age group and are judged not only on the finished product, but also on enthusiasm and teamwork.

The rules are simple. Contestants must stay within their designated plot (20’x 20′ for adults). No sand may be added or removed from the plot. Only materials natural to the beach may be used in the finished sculpture. Plots and judging are organized into divisions by age, individual or team, and building instruments, such as forms, used.

To participate next year and find out the date go to: www.cannon-beach.net/cbsandcastle
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