Bamboo your iPad

getattachmentLooking for something special to house your beloved Apple computer products?  Sisters’ Justin Crofoot has just the ticket. Story by JEFF SPRY

Last year, Crofoot started a small business, Silva Limited, from a shop behind his house, handcrafting custom bamboo cases for Apple Macbooks and iPads.   The cases display an incredible natural beauty and fine craftsmanship for such a young artist.

“I’ve lived most my life in Central Oregon and went to school right here in Sisters,” he said.  “When I was around ten-years-old, I started to learn how to work with wood with my father.  He runs a family owned and operated hardwood flooring business. Growing up and working with him, I was continually exposed to how wood works and what I could make with it.  That’s how I developed a love of woodworking.”

Each individual case is made from a solid sheet of premium bamboo and CNC-machined hardware cut to exact Apple specifications, then entirely hand-assembled, felted and sanded.   The strap is cut from cow hide, shaped for a comfortable feel then burnished and oiled to perfection.  Its rich, lustrous surface is accomplished using a hand-rubbed Tung oil finish, then two coats of Polyurethane for a hard, glass-like polish.

The MacBook cases weigh just over two pounds and the iPad 2 case is about one pound, extremely light for being made out of solid wood.  Inside, the box is lined with wool felt.
“Personally, I love Apple products,” said Crofoot.  “As a new business venture, I decided to take some time and combine the two things I enjoy: wood and Apple products.  So I started to develop and refine a process that not only protects those products but also gives them an exclusive “green” feel as well.  They’re the perfect combination of beauty and protection.  Why have a sturdy case if it doesn’t look and feel amazing?”

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