Book Launch Features Bend Creative Writers

The Clockwork Purple Volume 1 book launch will be held at Dudley’s Bookshop Café August 11 at 1pm. This unique anthology features a collection of short stories by local authors from the Bend Creative Writers group. Six authors will each read one selection and be available
for autographs.

Clockwork Purple features a collection of 68 short stories and 15 poems, which began on Monday mornings in the summer of 2016 when a small group of friends met at Dudley’s in Bend. They randomly picked a “prompt” from one of the books in the store. Then, they would write for 45 minutes based on that prompt. At the end of the time, they would read their stories aloud to each other without fear of criticism.

The diversity of content among the authors was not only entertaining, it was often healing, thought-provoking and even comical, which encouraged them to publish their collection of stories in Clockwork Purple.

The authors are Aingeal Rose O’Grady, a prolific author of 13 books and an internationally known master reader and teacher of the Akashic Records.

Charles Scamahorn runs the gamut of life experiences from his career as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force to helping found the Berkeley Barb, and sheds light on the prompts with his academic wit.

Dell Blackman is an intuitive poet with a gift of simplifying thought-provoking ideas. Harriette Hoover Green has been working as a psychotherapist for over thirty years, while incorporating Quantum Physics into her work, which adds a spiritual dimension to her writing.

Kevin O’Grady is a published author and radio host on World of Empowerment Radio.

Linda Kay is a non-fiction author with a background in advertising copy and is now inspired with the challenge of writing fiction.

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