Bright Colors for a Sunriver Spring at the Betty Gray Gallery

(Salmon by Jesica Carleton)

We finally welcome spring to Central Oregon. The return of warmer weather and longer days is a welcome break, and we’ll welcome the Spring Breakers visiting. To celebrate the season, the Betty Gray Gallery of art will be featuring two new shows, both running through June of this year, available for visitor and resident alike.

Artist Jesica Carleton has always been drawn to color and texture, and she extended her love of sewing and quilting into an interest in mosaic art during her time in Alaska. She is happiest when creating a piece that differs from her others; either in subject, style, color, or shape. To her, mosaic brings a wide diversity of pieces into a cohesive whole creation. Her recent work explores the bounds of the “square” and starts to extend beyond the traditional frame. She has been known to try to mosaic any shape, and started exploring new shapes in her wall-hangings. Her work will be featured in the upstairs gallery.

In the downstairs gallery, the delightful pastel work of Laura Jo Sherman will be on display. Laura Jo has been an artist forever per her thinking. Her pastels focus on the creation of something new and original, creating a unique communication from her art to the viewer. She delivers a variety of work from landscapes, animals, flowers, and anything else that intrigues her. She frames her work with each piece in mind, creating an artistic whole for all of her compositions.

The Betty Gray Gallery is seeking future artists to display their work. Any interested artists may contact the curation team at Be prepared to provide photos of your work along with your ability to provide enough material for a thematic presentation.

Enjoy the return of the summer birds, the wildflowers, and the long days. And come visit the Betty Gray Gallery to see the outside reflected indoors.

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