Cascade A&E, in Conjunction with the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver & Connect Central Oregon, Launch Video Series — Artists Dialog

Cascade A&E, in conjunction with the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver and Connect Central Oregon, is launching a new video series, Artist Dialog. This series will explore the work of different artists and musicians across the Pacific Northwest.  It will look into the influences that make the artists who they are, and dig into the technique and work so that viewers can get insight into what makes art happen.

“I’ve been interested for a long time in talking to other artists about what makes them tick,” said Jim Fister, co-owner and co-manager of the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver, and the Board Chair of Connect Central Oregon. “This is a way to bring out the origin of the story that the artist tells through his or her work. By working with the interns and staff at Connect Central Oregon for the video, we can also teach students to build a story that’s compelling in the process.”

“This is a way to expand the footprint and coverage for Cascade A&E to a new and exciting medium,” said Jeff Martin, president and publisher at Cascade Publications.  “It gives us an opportunity to build a story that goes beyond Central Oregon, and reaches out across the state and the northwest.”

The first video in the series interviews Mark D. Shelton, an honorary Chinook tribal artist.  Mark is currently showing his work at the Betty Gray Gallery in Sunriver through July 2022.

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