Celebrating the New Year with Generosity

Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within.  ~ Claudia Lady Bird Johnson  (First Lady – wife of Lyndon B. Johnson)

Be Part of Art campaign has successfully reached its $1 million goal to meet Bend Foundation’s $500,000 matching challenge. This is an enormous accomplishment indeed cause for celebration.
While the matching donation goal has been met, organizers hope to continue promoting dialogue financial support for Bend’s public art collection.

“Our art collection is one of the things that makes this city special,” said Mike Hollern, CEO of Brooks Resources a trustee of the Bend Foundation. “Our vision is to become a destination for art lovers everywhere. That means our work is not done. We hope to keep building our collection for years to come.”

Bend Foundation’s Art in Public Places has been placing art in our community since 1973 with a goal to bring a wide range of artistic styles ideas to our community place them throughout town to raise awareness for the arts while also adding to the beautiful natural l scape of Central Oregon.  They have performed with great success!

The diverse captivating works of art that Art in Public Places has procured for our enjoyment, intrigue curiosity is paramount to the quality of life we enjoy in Central Oregon.  

We’re inspired by some of the newest works of Troy Pillow with the mixed media Yakaya at the Riverbend Community Park Roundabout Lee Kelly’s Sound Garden stainless steel sculpture at Reed Market Mount Bachelor Drive Roundabout. The collection of work goes back three decades to the watercolors of artists Ruth Rodman Walter Crump at the Central Oregon Community College Gr view Student Center. There are some 43 works of art contributed by Art in Public Places (you can view them at their website artinpublicplaces.org), all acquired for the public to be able to be up close personal with such inspiring creativity.

Pubic art doesn’t stop there, of course, it has an historical nature, a collection if you will, of art that will last throughout the ages as well as a create draw for cultural tourism (visitors coming to Bend just to partake in our numerous roundabouts viewing spectacular pieces of art).

This is truly an inspired moment in our community…it bridges many aspects is encouraging to the point of jubilation. And what better way to start a new year than with a loud triumphant scream!

by PAMELA HULSE ANDREWS Cascade A&E Publisher

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