Changes at Bend Art Center

On August 18, Bend Art Center (BAC) will close its Box Factory studio and gallery.  BAC will function after the closure as a de-centered arts organization. The goal is to resume exhibitions, programs and art workshops on a pop-up basis and in partnership with other organizations after the Board engages in a strategic planning phase.

“Bend Arts Center plans to come out of a restructuring process as an organization that is even more nimble, focused and innovative than before,” said Jane Quale, BAC board president.

Over the last 15 years, the Bend Art Center and Atelier 6000 have created a dynamic and rigorous arts community in central Oregon. BAC has become known and respected as an organization that is devoted to facilitating quality exhibitions, education, workshops, programming and conversations about art and creative practice in Bend. Along with bringing printmaking and critical conversations around the arts to the foreground in central Oregon, exhibit highlights from the last fifteen years include:

  • Winter x Winter — January 2019
  • Big Ink, a collaboration with Whitaker Printmakers in Eugene and the Big Ink Mobile Large Format Woodblock printing press – October 2018
  • Opening Japan: Three Centuries of Rare Japanese Prints — September 2016
  • Edward Curtis: Shadow Catcher — September 2015
  • MC Escher: 21 Rare Prints — Moments in Time and Space — April 2014
  • Steamroller Print Event — 2010-2015
  • Monthly local area artists exhibits

BAC has also empowered school children by giving them the opportunity to explore their world and their shared humanity by making and learning about art. BAC has also served as an incubator for countless area artists, and enriched the cultural life of the region and built and nurtured a community that shares a passion for the arts.

BAC has wrestled with revenue challenges for some time, and its financial situation has forced the organization to make some difficult decisions with regards to staffing and facilities.  BAC is grateful for the support and flexibility of its landlord, but could no longer sustain the costs of leasing and maintaining a physical center.

In order to enable this process, BAC has expanded its Board of Directors to include seasoned arts administrator, Elizabeth Quinn and artist and curator, Andries Fourie along with current members Ingrid Lustig,  Carolyn Platt and Board President Jane Quale.

“The new board’s first priority is to embark on a process of strategic planning that will shape the Bend Art Center of the future. During the strategic planning process, we will actively solicit the input of our members and supporters,” said Board President Jane Quale.

Bend Art Center is grateful for the community’s years of support and its foundation being laid by the force, knowledge and wisdom of Pat Clark. This foundation and support will allow for a future of innovative arts and strong community engagement.

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