Check Out Sisters Folk Festival’s Music on the Metolius Series

(Graphic courtesy of Sisters Folk Festival)

Each year we invite a handful of artists from the upcoming Sisters Folk Festival to teach at a four-day immersive camp called the Americana Song Academy. Over 50 participants of all ages have the opportunity to take masterclasses on songwriting arranging, singing and gather in community with professional musicians. Participants receive 1:1 mentoring sessions and share their music in intimate song circles and open mic performances, hosted at the House on Metolius.

At the 2022 retreat, between camp programming and impromptu songwriting sessions, we recorded casual conversations between the artists and watched as they discussed their creative processes and performed original songs. It’s our pleasure to present the series, “Music on the Metolius” with four episodes from world-class Americana artists.

The first three episodes are live on our YouTube channel with a final episode coming out tomorrow. Check them out below!

Ep. 1 | Justin Farren, Beth Wood & Dennis McGregor

Ep. 2 | David Wilcox & Jeffrey Foucault

Ep. 3 | The Accidentals & Lindsay Lou

Interested in enrolling in the 2023 Americana Song Academy and learning songwriting tips and tricks from professional musicians? Good news — registration opens on Wednesday, December 15 at 10am! It’ll sell out fast, so make sure to set your alarms. Learn more about the camp here.

p.s. Even if you’re not a singer-songwriter yourself, this registration makes for a great gift for any aspiring musician in your life…

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