Clay Artist Linda Heisserman

The road to becoming an artist is not always clear. For Linda Heisserman who thought she was going to be a teacher — discovery came when she took an elective in Clay. After completing her degree in Education she returned to the classroom years later and earned a BFA in Clay.

Heisserman has always used porcelain clay which is a white body, high fired clay. She likes the “canvas” it provides for her carving. Using a small palette of colors the carvings and design stand out rather than being obscured with multiple or vibrant hues. The Chinese Celadon and her own Blue Celadon glazes pool in the deep curves and pull off the high ridges of her carvings.

The biggest life lesson Linda learned came from working with clay. She had given up her day job and decided to become a self-supporting potter. One day her rabbit took a bite out of every bowl she had thrown. Previously a perfectionist, Heisserman decided that instead of throwing out all the bowls, she would cut into the lip of the bowl and incorporate the bite which became the beginnings of her distinctive asymmetrical Bunny Bowls. Lesson learned, sometimes one needs to set aside what they wanted (the perfect bowl) and see what they have (a truly unique bowl) and go with it.

Heisserman feels that one of her biggest accomplishments is the concept and realization of an idea that she and fellow potter and friend, Eleanor Murphey came up with. After shared difficulty in finding space to accommodate potters in the Bend area, these two women took their ideas to a group of artists in Bend. Six months later the Red Chair Gallery opened. A founding partner and active artist, Linda has loved being a part the Gallery for over eight years. She is thankful for the love and support Bend has given to its local artists and feels honored to have become a part of this wonderful community within the Red Chair and beyond. Heisserman is a focus artist at the Red Chair Gallery in December. As of the first of the year, she will be parting ways with the Gallery and plans to take these life lessons and experiences to begin the next chapter of her creativity in clay and life.

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