Cowgirl Cash & Arrange Present Jackie Avery

(Artwork by Jackie Avery)

Portland painter Jackie Avery is the featured artist at Cowgirl Cash and Arrange on Brooks St. Jackie’s work is very recognizable and in her words, “consistent.” She paints on wood panels with acrylic paint, and uses a restricted palate of yellow, red, blue and white.

Her artwork takes a celebratory view of people and their idiosyncrasies. She almost always uses a photo reference. “The most important decision I make in painting is subject matter,” Jackie said. “I’ve amassed a vast collection of old and new snapshots. They range from silly to beautiful, and the best ones are both. I aim to transport and inspire, and I find humor to be one of the best tools.”

Her art is bold, beautiful and makes you smile. 

Cowgirl Cash and Arrange are open Monday-Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-5. 

They are near the river between the best downtown parking lots. • 541-678-5162

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