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(Art courtesy of Caldera Arts)

We are proud to embark on our third-month session of Caldera’s Artists in Residence program. The March cohort is now working at Caldera Arts Center on projects involving body art, multi-disciplinary art, filmmaking, photography, painting, and writing.

For a comprehensive overview of our program please visit the AiR landing page on Keep a close eye on future residency application openings, youth programs, and events.

March Residents

Alena Chun

Alena Chun is a tattoo artist in Portland, Oregon. Alena was born in the bay area and moved to Portland in 2002. She began tattooing in 2007. Alena works primarily in the American Traditional tattoo style and is inspired by projects that explore personal identity. In her own work she combines elements of the signature traditional style with exploration of her Asian/ mixed race identity. Outside of tattooing she explores linocuts and is passionate about the critique, growth and appreciation for the history of her industry. Learn More

Ana Hurtado-Gonzalez

Ana Hurtado-Gonzalez (they/she) is an multi-disciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. They are deeply interested in how mythology shapes our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. She is particularly drawn to creating images of powerful women and non-binary folks in fantasy settings, claiming space in a genre that often caters to the male gaze. Ana hopes to create stories that will help people feel less alone in their experiences, to find a way to interact with unknown ancestors, and to see history and mythology as organic and living things. Learn More

Tracy Kernell

Tracy Kernell (he/him) is a Black filmmaker, photographer, and writer from Fontana, California, currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. He centers his work on black life while paying close attention to the intersection of the peculiar and the mundane and how those two ways of being are in concert with each other. Tracy creates moving and still images that are homages to embodied rage and ecstasy to highlight the power within those emotions, going beyond passive, palatable Black movement and expression.
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Héctor Ornelas

Héctor Ornelas is a first generation Mexican-American artist who lives and works in Portland. His work explores identity and belonging, examining his own navigation between two cultures and between borders (in Spanish, ni de aquí me de allá). Ornelas juxtaposes eclectic imagery from popular culture to invite viewers into conversations of fluidity, positionality and sense of self. He received his BFA from Portland State University in 2017 focusing on painting.
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Dey Rivers

Dey Rivers is a non-binary Black American emerging writer & visual artist living with depression, c-ptsd and the bodily manifestations thereof. They are inspired by different modes of storytelling, history, botanical motifs, breaking harmful cycles, foodways, plant/land medicine, relationships, and ancestral spiritual practices. Dey has an educational background in Fine Arts and mental health advocacy. They especially enjoy creating, guiding, and learning in creative communities where they live on stolen land.
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