Don Terra Artworks gets Fresh Location

by JEFF SPRY Cascade A&E Feature Writer


DonPathealNobody ever likes moving, just ask a few of your friends for help and watch them scatter to the wind.  But sometimes relocating to a fresh location is necessary, allowing for better exposure and customer recognition outside old familiar settings.


For owners Don Patheal and Teri Applegarth of Don Terra Artworks, the change has been kind to them, with better foot traffic and more display space to spread their artistic wings and grow.


Since opening in its original Hood Avenue location in 2007, Don Terra Artworks has been a supportive haven for new and established artists in Central Oregon and they’ll continue that tradition at their new digs just down the boulevard.


“Last November our landlord told us he was going to put our building up for sale,” said Applegarth. “The good thing about our community here in Sisters is that we work together really well. When we heard the new property was available we talked to our landlords trying to find a place big enough to accommodate our gallery. Mike Reed was gracious enough to accommodate our needs and discovered a perfect spot to move into the City Center Building on the corner of Hood and Elm.


“Don and our son Dane packed it all up and we were up and running in eight days, from the time we started to the time we finished. So it was a pretty easy transition.  And we love the new place, it’s a much better location, we have no trees to block our view and there’s increased visibility. It’s open and airy and doesn’t feel confined, with this amazing bright sunlight for the artwork. The outcome has been awesome.”


Don Terra Artworks is also nearing their sixth anniversary in Sisters this November.


“We’re really loving this new location,” said Patheal. “The layout is much better and we think it’s a busier corner and we’re getting tons of foot traffic with great response from our customers and visitors. Currently we’re at about 140 artists represented, maybe down a little bit from our last place, primarily all from Oregon but we do have a few from out of state as well. And we’ve got about 3,000 square feet total with the addition of this side room now.”


Inside their wraparound interior is a rich treasure house of pottery by Blue Spruce Pottery, the oldest potter in Central Oregon, stunning fused glass by Ann Cavanaugh, lodge style furniture in juniper, maple burl and black walnut by Terry Boatman, bronzes by Tim Norman, landscape paintings by Barbara Berry and spectacular glass vases from Glassometry Studios of Hood River as well as a multitude of impressive metalwork, birdhouses, artisan jewelry, Lester Newell moose antler carvings, hard-maple walking staffs and a colorful oasis of garden art.


“When we first opened we decided to mix the fine arts and crafts together and consider it to be all art anyway,” explained Patheal. “So far it’s been a great combination and worked really well. It’s been a wonderful ride for us and we want to thank all of the artists and customers we’ve met over the years and appreciate their enthusiastic support. Please come on in and visit us at our new location. We always have artist receptions and creative events and there’s a revolving roster of fine artists and craftsmen featured in the store so you’ll never see the same stuff twice.”


Something new on the horizon will be a relaxing art courtyard for customers and artists to unwind, chat and mingle. Patheal said, “It’s already all landscaped and our son is going to be building welded garden art along with some pre-existing artists’ work. The courtyard area has a big deck in the garden and we hope to stage some fun events this summer with artists and live music and wine.”


Don Terra Artworks, 103 E. Hood Ave., Suite A. During the summer months, Don Terra is open 10am-5pm seven days a week., 541-549-1299.

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