Dreaming in Red: Student Art at Red Chair Gallery

For April, Red Chair has warmly invited over 20 high school Red Chair Lauren article_BSHstudentARTstudents from Mountain View and Bend Senior High School to share their art with the community. The art work was chosen from a large pool of student submissions to be sold in the gallery.

Amidst Bend’s First Friday Artwalk in August 2010, Red Chair Gallery opened its doors. Inspired by the need for a member-based gallery in the community, a group of local artists turned their dream into a reality. Today Red Chair displays creations from twenty-seven members whose works include acrylics, jewelry, ceramics, mosaics, and glass art. In addition, local artists are featured in the gallery each month.

Drawings, ceramics and paintings inspired by the students’ favorite songs lyrics, are just a few of the artistic offerings on display. Each piece gives a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a young aspiring artist.

“Some of these students never thought their artwork was of the caliber to be in a gallery,” says Jesse Lockwood, the visual arts teacher at BSH. “Just having their art chosen and hung in the gallery is really cool for them. I think it gives them that much more confidence in their creative abilities and what they can do.”

Aside from this month’s student showcase, Red Chair has been active in encouraging the dreams of young artists by providing internships and temporary gallery memberships. The membership program allows students to sell their art in the gallery over a span of thirty days, while the internship includes the opportunity to attend a variety of artistic workshops of their choosing.

“The arts are often one of the first things that are cut from school programs,” says Gallery Director Dee McBrien. “We (members of Red Chair) feel very strongly that art is an important part of people’s growth, so we wanted to do something to contribute and inspire students at the high school level.”

A special reception of the student’s work will be held at the gallery during April’s First Friday Artwalk at four o’clock. The artists will be present to introduce their art to the community.

“Just by showing up and discussing the work with the students is a great way for people to get involved,” says McBrien. “It means a lot to these kids.”

Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend

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