Dry Canyon Arts Association Hits the Ground Running

(Graphic | Courtesy of Dry Canyon Arts Association)

For a 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 2019 just before the global pandemic, the Dry Canyon Arts Association has hit the ground running. They are about to host their third art show of 2021, and have plans to do much more in 2022. Their long-term goal is to open a Community Arts Center in Redmond that will serve as a workspace, show space and gathering place for area artists of all types.

Rich in Public Art

If you look around Redmond, you might first notice a plethora of public art on display. This is thanks in large part to one of Dry Canyon Arts Association’s founding members, Linda Gilmore Hill. As a member and chair of the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places, Linda has spearheaded the partnership with the City of Redmond to create and install the many beautiful art pieces you see around town. [example photos: redmondoregon.gov/government/commissions-committees/redmond-commission-for-art-in-public-places-rcapp/public-art/permanent-public-art#ad-image-28]

Poor in Private Art Opportunities

Despite the success of the public art installations, there are currently no art galleries in Redmond. This leaves the art community without an outlet to display their work. The Dry Canyon Arts Association is determined to remedy this through developing a Community Arts Center where artists may gather, display their work and attend educational and performance events. The work has just begun to investigate spaces that may accommodate such an endeavor and to raise the funds to make it happen, but the news of the Association’s goal has energized the arts community, and even during the pandemic, membership in the Association has more than doubled.

Making It Happen

The next hurdle for the Dry Canyon Arts Association is funding the building and operation of the Community Arts Center. They are welcoming sponsors at the private and corporate level, and would love to hear from members of the community who may have (or know of) spaces that might fit these needs. Interested parties should visit their website at drycanyonartsassociation.com.

Partnership with the Business Community

While long term planning for a Community Arts Center is ongoing, the Association is currently beginning a program to find walls within the business community to install artworks by area artists. The program, in cooperation with the Redmond Downtown Association and titled “Lend Me Your Walls,” invites businesses such as restaurants, offices and retail outlets to liven up their walls with artworks installed by Association members. Artworks would be available for purchase through the artist. Kimberly Krueger, marketing chair for the Dry Canyon Arts Association, considers the program a win-win for the business and the artist. “It’s a way of getting art out into the community. Businesses gain the interest and effect of the art and the artists gain a place to show their work.”

Events at High Desert Music Hall

The Dry Canyon Arts Association has held two successful art festival-style shows at the High Desert Music Hall this summer and is gearing up for a third on November 12 and 13. “The High Desert Music Hall has been great,” Krueger added. “(Music Hall owners) iLko and Cimarron have been so wonderful and accommodating.” The event, titled Art at the Music Hall, will be held Friday, November 12 from 11am to 7pm and Saturday, November 13 from 11am to 6pm at the High Desert Music Hall at 818 SW Forest Avenue in Redmond. Admission is free.


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