Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with the High Desert Museum

(Photo | Courtesy of High Desert Museum)

Join us in honoring Native American Heritage Month with a dive into a new Museum virtual experience. Learn more about the spiritual connection Plateau people have with items made by Plateau artists in Dressed in Earth and Sky.

Tisa Matheson (Nimipuu) and Phillip Cash Cash, Ph.D. (Weyíiletpuu and Niimíipuu) offer a deeper look at a Plateau woman’s beaded dress, hat, eagle feather headdress and man’s painted war shirt, all on display in the Museum’s By Hand Through Memory exhibition.

Dressed in Earth and Sky

From a close look at the lives of Chinese immigrants in Idaho in the late 1800s in Stories from the High Desert to a virtual field trip revealing the lives of the iconic ungulate in Mule Deer in the High Desert, the Museum’s virtual experiences will help you learn more about the High Desert.

Made possibly by National Endowment for the Humanities.


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