Flannel John’s Cookbooks for Guys

What are “cookbooks for guys?” According to author Tim Murphy they are “simple recipes men can make fast because we’re lazy and we’re hungry …whether we admit it or not.” That’s was the concept of the first book. Two and half years later what started as a collection recipes for cooking-impaired friends at deer camp has grown into a thirty book series.

“I’ve written titles for hunters, fishermen, campers, carnivores, vegetarians, single dads, recent grads, mountain men, seafood lovers, wild game enthusiasts, burger nuts, the bacon-obsessed, hot dog fans, tailgaters, college students, car guys, rock & rollers and a lot more. They work for both beginners and skilled cooks,” said Murphy.

“These books are perfect for Father’s Day and Graduation Day gifts. There is a ‘College Survival Book’ that can save struggling students hundreds of dollars each month while still eating great home-style comfort food,” said Murphy. “ The Single Guy book is for the real beginner because every recipe has six ingredients or less. The latest title is ‘Flannel John’s Smoke & Fire Cookbook’ that features meals cooked with fire whether it’s on the grill, on hot coals or over a campfire. I even have a book on do-it-yourself jerky. To be honest, women are buying most of these titles and not just as gifts.”

Who is Flannel John? “Flannel John is based on a few old hunters I knew from Michigan’s upper peninsula,” said Murphy. “I wanted to honor their spirit and what they taught me. He is equal parts Babe Winkelman, Red Green, Grizzly Adams and crusty mountain man. My dad’s name was John so it’s also in remembrance of him.”

Most of the books contain 100 to 120 recipes and cost $7.95 or $9.95.


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