For the Love of Central Oregon

((L) A Little Low by Barbara Hudler Cella, (M) Headwaters of the Deschutes by Barbara Hudler Cella, (R) Metolius Afternoon by Barbara Hudler Cella)

The Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend is highlighting the work of Barbara Hudler Cella during the month of February. For the Love of Central Oregon features both studio and plein air (field) acrylic paintings of the magnificent landscape that has brought the region great renown.

Mountains, lakes, rivers and forests fill the broad canvases of Barbara’s work. With close attention to the actual scenes, she lets her emotional experience of being there in the moment help with how the landscape emerges on canvas. She never really knows how the “story” will end and tries to remain open to whatever the scene provides, physically and spiritually. “I’m always surprised at the resulting painting,” Barbara says. “The rush of painting while the light and color is rapidly changing in this magnificent place is exhilarating and I
just love it.”

Barbara is an international award-winning artist based in Bend. She is president of the High Desert Art League and recently she joined Hood Avenue Art in Sisters. She is on the board of Plein Air Painters of Oregon and an active member of Sagebrushers Art Society.

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