Meridith Johnson at Ambiance

Capturing an expressive emotion or scene that communicates or stirs a reaction from the observer is the essence of art says Meridith Johnson who will have her art on exhibit at Redmond’ Ambiance Gallery through December.

“I strive to capture the personality the moment in time with every drawing or painting I complete.  I prefer to take photographs as I get to know my subject better their personality comes out.

“I was born in the Midwest in a country setting with farm animals as playmates.  Animals people have always fascinated me because I did not have siblings to compete with while growing up.  I moved around a lot with my parents as a result was enrolled in lots of schools until I started high school.  I have lived in traveled to lot of different climates from the desert in Southern California Arizona, the Midwest, Florida, the Northwest even Puerto Rico.  Different skies, different flora fauna different ways of the local people have helped me develop an eye for detail. 

“Portraits are my favorite challenge.  People their expressions are so varied that making the personality come through each drawing or painting is very rewarding.  Animals have character too in every portrait it is the eyes that communicate. 

“I started taking my art a little more seriously in 2002 when the challenge of a memorial horse portrait presented itself.  It was the first truly complete portrait I had attempted , of course, I had to see if I could do it again. I am still trying to see if I can do it again with each drawing or painting that I do.  It is one of my passions to capture the light on the subject.  The best thing of all is when I do a portrait for someone the receiver’s expression sometimes tears brings me the utmost joy in what I do.  I hope you enjoy my art.”

Info: Ambiance Co-op Gallery  435 S.W. Evergreen Redmond 541-548-8115.

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