Greg Congleton’s Two Bits Sculpture

Congleton built a heroic size (28 feet long) sculpture out of steel ‘found objects’ in favor of the bronze installations he’s constructed in the past.  Watch the video and see how he creates it.


One horse is male and the other female.  He is more tuned to the industrial age with a gas engine and truck transmission while she is more ropes and pulleys technology with an antique hay trolley and Singer sewing machine. The log contains two vintage chain saws and a misery whip.


Penny & Phil Knight commissioned Congleton to build a public art installation for the Bend community several months ago.  In working with the executive director of Bend Park & Recreation, Don Horton, they picked a horse logging theme (2 life-size draft horses pulling a 42” diameter Ponderosa log) and picked the Farewell Bend Park as the ideal location to celebrate Bend’s timber heritage.

Video produced by Wahoo Films

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