Hang on the Bell, Nellie

(Photo courtesy of Sunriver Stars)

The Sunriver Stars Community Theater production of William Walton’s melodrama Hang on the Bell, Nellie, or Trouble at the Old Mill Spur tells the story of heroic heroes, villainous villains, a beautiful young woman and her father’s pride in his daughter.
Ambrose Finely (Russel Bahr), the local saloo … er … meeting place, if you will, owner, welcomes his beautiful daughter Nell Finely (Jami Hill-Miller) home. Nell has successfully completed her teaching degree at the University of La Pine.

During the homecoming celebration, Ambrose is concerned that his daughter will run afoul of the amorous pursuits of Jim Mainstay (Robert Perrine), a war veteran newly retuned from “over there.” The scoundrel, Handsome Jack Vaselino, (Billy Miller) newly released from prison, is back in town, and Vaselino has his own ideas regarding the beautiful Nell and her father. Vaselino’s plans include forcing Nell to marry him and taking possession of Ambrose Finely’s establishment.

Hang on the Bell, Nellie, is playing soon at The Door in Sunriver. Performances are scheduled for May 10, 11 12, 18 and 19. Hang on the Bell, Nellie is suitable for all ages and fraught with laughter and humor.


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