Introducing Caldera’s Winter 2023 Artists in Residence!

(Photos courtesy of Caldera Arts)

We are very excited to announce our 2023 Caldera Artists in Residence (AiR).

This year we received and reviewed hundreds of applications, from all across the country, to participate in our residency program. These artists and writers are largely multidisciplinary and from diverse backgrounds. The projects they are pursuing include music and sound, contemporary craft, queer liberation, poetics, creative youth engagement and so much more.

Each artist was chosen to join us this year because we believe they offer an incredible amount of inspiration worth recognizing. We are honored and excited to welcome them to the Caldera Arts Center at Blue Lake to ground themselves in their work alongside one another.

Please join us in celebrating and welcoming Caldera Arts’ 2023 AiR participants:

Susan Aparicio
Yoonhee Choi
Alena Chun
Armon Collins
India Davis
Sarah Farahat
Ana Hurtado-Gonzalez
Tracy Kernell
Will Matsuda
Sarah Meadows
Sa’rah Melinda Sabino
Héctor Ornelas
Vinh Pham
Dey Rivers
Claudia Tatinge Nascimento

We hope you remain safe and well with loved ones through this winter. Thank you as always for continuing to be a part of this creative community. Stay tuned for more updates from our artists after the new year!

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