Introducing North Pine Carriage Co. 

(Duke and Dan of North Pine Carriage Co. | Photo courtesy of North Pine Carriage Co.)

The End of an Era: Cowboy Carriage

Taking over the reins from Cowboy Carriage is North Pine Carriage Co. in Sisters, offering the same fun and quality experiences.

Hello! My name is Awbrey Cyrus.

I wanted to personally reach out and introduce myself.

To start, I want to express my immense gratitude toward Ryan and Marcee Moeggenberg of Cowboy Carriage to allow myself the opportunity to continue a service unique to the Central Oregon community!

Not only have I gained their knowledge and business, I have also gained their friendship — for which I am forever thankful. I promise to provide the same fun and quality experiences that Cowboy Carriage did.

Introducing Duke & Dan

These gentle giants are Belgian Draft horses. Both of these big boys came from Canada. They are both very calm natured and sweet. They were designed and destined to take on the job of pulling wagons and carriages, and they truly enjoy the work that they do!

Holidays & Special Events

This time of year, we are so excited to take your family and loved ones on fun wagon farm rides that include a professional photographer and priceless memories!

Weddings & Engagements

We are looking forward to making magical and unforgettable memories on two of the most memorable and special days in your lives! There is something so incredibly romantic about a horse drawn carriage for you and your special someone.

Come take a ride with us.

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