Introducing the Fleur de LUX

(Photo | Courtesy of KinSculpt)

We’d like to introduce ourselves, we’re KinSculpt: a motley group of artists and creators from Central Oregon.  We’ve partnered with the High Desert Makers and the DIYCave to bring to fruition a giant, interactive, robo-botanical kinetic sculpture that we’re calling Fleur de LUX!  The concept came from our desire as makers to do what we could to help draw the community together and encourage the interaction and shared wonder that we’ve all craved in the last year.

Imagine a 16-foot-tall, multi-faceted stainless steel sculpture that shines in the daylight while following the sun, and at night dances with light that pulses to your own unique beat. With a wave of your hand or a swipe on your phone, the petals open and move to your rhythm, dancing with light on a towering sculpture. This is Fleur de LUX, an interactive art work that invokes the form of a flower, with large steel “petals” that open up to reveal a central “pistil” containing a dazzling embedded LED display, and brilliant “stamen” formed from handmade neon tubing.

With your help, we are aiming for Fleur de LUX to be exhibited at the Central Oregon Maker Festival at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds this November, 2021,then tour the Pacific Northwest and to live on as a permanent part of the Bend art community thereafter.

To help this flower bloom we’re asking you to share our story and donate to our cause. The cost of raw materials has skyrocketed in the last few months so our budget goal is ambitious — including everything from steel and hardware, to lighting arrays and interactive electronics — but every little bit helps us get on our way to start making this piece blossom into reality and we are determined to succeed.  Invest in beauty by donating or simply spreading the word.  

DONATE NOW to help us meet our goal of a completed sculpture by November 2021. We appreciate each and every one of you, and thank you for supporting the arts!

Please visit the link below to dig deeper into the roots of Fleur de LUX and view the full video on our website! • Follow us on Instagram @KinSculpt 

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