Drifting by Jill Neal

Jill Neal Sets up Shop in Sisters

Jill Haney-Neal, known for her wild (tasteful!) women has a retail location for the first time since closing her downtown Bend gallery. While selling wholesale nationwide, this is the first time she is incorporating the wholesale business into a gallery shop.
While not abandoning the ladies entirely, Jill is introducing a return to her fine art roots, with a new line of abstracts and design impressionism with western women, birds, horses and wildlife, and crabs, to name a few.
When Jill Neal started her art career, she did mostly pen and ink wildlife and mandalas and abstracts. Her recent work has been a turn with a few twists on her new line.
“My famous ladies came along and took off and while I have had a blast painting them for years and have missed doing other work,” Jill explains. “Now, I have time, and am returning full circle, but have never shown this fine art line in Central Oregon.”
Jill’s Wild but Tasteful Women, 541-617-6078

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