Madras High Staging The Masked Muskateer in March

(The Masked Musketeer Cast & Crew | Photo Courtesy of MadrasPioneer)

Madras High School presents The Masked Musketeer by Martin A. Follose, produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. of Denver, Colorado and directed by Marsha Casey and Cindy Brockett.

In The Masked Muskateer, the men of a small Spanish village are called to Madrid by the king, leaving only the women and three unruly “boys” behind. It doesn’t take long for the village to be overrun with bandits, so the lazy Lorenzo, Mateo and Felipe take it upon themselves to become musketeers. Easier said than done! These wanna-be swashbucklers are more like knee bucklers, and they can’t even get the saying right! (All for three and three for all?!)

Meanwhile, the women are coping with their own problems: Poor saloon owner Lucia must deal with the bandits drinking all the town’s sarsaparilla, Sancha doesn’t have anyone to chop her firewood and Corina is busy preparing for her wedding but still needs a groom! The women villagers grow discouraged until a masked musketeer swoops in to help Mateo and his compadres fight off the bandits before mysteriously disappearing. When the bandits find out the town has a hidden treasure, they take a hostage, demanding to have it and the masked musketeer delivered to them… or else!

Performance dates are March 19, 20 and 21 at 7pm and March 22 at 2pm. The Madras Performing Arts Center is located at the Madras High School campus, 390 SE 10th St, Madras. Donations are gladly accepted at the door.

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