Make Some Plans for Valentine’s Day!

((L) Pottery by Peter Roussel (R) Glass enamel by Cheryl Chapman)

Looking for the perfect plan to purchase a Valentine gift for your special someone? The Artists’ Gallery in the Sunriver Village has the perfect solution. Invite your Valentine to the Gallery’s Second Saturday celebration scheduled for Saturday, February 11 from 4-6pm. Load up a plate of delicious eats, select a glass of wine or beer, and stroll around the Gallery enjoying the beautiful art on display. When you see your Valentine’s eyes light up, you will know that you have a good clue for your surprise! You can sneak back to the Gallery later and make your purchase. The artists at the Gallery will be happy to gift wrap your special surprise.

This month the Gallery is featuring the art of two artists that could be the source of your best Valentine purchase yet! Glass enamel artist Cheryl Chapman is a fantastic painter. But she doesn’t just paint on paper. That would be too dull. Her work is done on glass, painting in a reverse process. Each unique piece of art starts with an original drawing and then enamel painting and kiln firings are alternated as many as five times. When you look at the final piece, you are really looking at the final image through the glass that it was painted on. As if that isn’t enough, each piece reflects Chapman’s love for animals and nature and is absolutely guaranteed to make you smile. Her enamel glass pieces range from jewelry to delicate glass containers, wall art, and much more. Chapman will be demonstrating her artistic talent on February 11 at the Second Saturday Celebration.

Also featured is potter Peter Roussel. Roussel uses his ceramic pieces as a blank canvas. Each piece starts with traditional hand throwing on the potter’s wheel and ends with one of many alternative firing techniques (raku, pit, sagger, smoke). The whole process is exciting and full of surprises. Pieces are large and small, vessel or plate, and very colorful. These pots are for decorative use indoors. They look great as they are or with dried arrangements.

The Artists’ Gallery, Building 19 in the Sunriver Village • 541-593-4382

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