March First Friday Gallery Events & Exhibit Openings in Bend

Bend Senior Center
1600 SE Reed Market Rd.
541-388-1133 •
The Bend Senior Center at the new Larkspur Community Center is showing art by members of the SageBrushers Art Society. Come visit the new facility and enjoy beautiful paintings in acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor, as well as outstanding photography. Showing thru April.

Blue Spruce Pottery
20591 Dorchester E.
541-382-0197 •
This family-owned business has been making handmade pottery in Bend since 1976. Call to arrange a time to come shop their large selection of mugs, bowls, casseroles, lamps and more. Shop online and have gifts shipped directly to your family and friends. You can also find Blue Spruce Pottery at Red Chair Gallery in downtown Bend.

COCC Barber Library Rotunda Gallery
2600 NW College Way
541-383-7560 •
A collection of abstract paintings and drawings by artist and poet Cheri Lee Helfenstein, titled Early Spring in the Mist, continues showing at Central Oregon Community College’s (COCC) Barber Library Rotunda Gallery thru April 7.
Helfenstein earned a bachelor of arts in painting and drawing from Southern Oregon University and received a Chinese brush-painting certificate from the University of Oregon.
The Barber Library is open 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Fridays and 12-7pm Sundays.

Hawthorn Healing Arts
39 NW Louisiana Ave.
541-330-0334 •
Hawthorn Healing Arts Center will host an Open House in conjunction with First Friday Art Walk scheduled for Friday, March 3. Come meet the Hawthorn providers and check out the amazing artistry of local water-colorist Winnie Givot, while enjoying the music performed in our lobby by Julianne Anderson.

High Desert Museum
59800 S Hwy. 97
541-382-4754 •
Continuing thru October 1, Creations of Spirit, is largely in the voices of the seven Native artists commissioned to create works for the exhibition, and they share their stories of their pieces — ranging from a hand-carved High Desert Plateau flute to a tule reed canoe and paddles — as part of a deep connection to traditions as well as part of the vitality of contemporary Indigenous communities.
Continuing thru May 7, Under the Snow. In the depths of winter, a deep layer of snow quiets the High Desert’s forests. Not a single creature seems to stir. But just under the snow, a secret world has come to life! Dive with us into the snow, where voles, shrews, insects and porcupines build a matrix of tunnels and dens. In this natural history exhibit, visitors will learn about this subnivium environment, the seasonal habitat where animals, plants, and fungi flourish. An interactive wall graphic will allow visitors meet some of the subnivium’s wildlife, including a little mouse named Graupel. Join the High Desert Museum to explore a hidden world of snow.
Continuing thru June 25, 2023, In The Arena. As long as there have been cowboys, there have been Black cowboys. One of the most enduring symbols of the American West, the cowboy evokes self-reliance, strength and determination — qualities found at the Black rodeos held each year across the United States. Through the lens of Bay Area photographer Gabriela Hasbun, this exhibit documents the exhilarating atmosphere of the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo — the only touring Black rodeo in the country — and the show-stopping style and skill of the Black cowboys and cowgirls who attend the event year after year.

Jeffrey Murray Photography Gallery
118 NW Minnesota Ave.
541-325-6225 •
The Jeffrey Murray Photography Gallery features the work of local photographer Jeffrey Murray. Visitors can browse comfortably in the two-story gallery enjoying visually adventurous displays of landscape, wildlife and contemporary work. Open daily Tuesday-Sunday.

Kreitzer Gallery
20214 Archie Briggs Rd.
805-234-2048 •
Announcing Contemporary Realist David Kreitzer.
In the tradition of Turner and Cezanne, master oil and watercolorist David Kreitzer’s commitment to beauty and meditative work compels him to create exquisite, mood-invoking oil and watercolor Central Oregon splendor landscapes, figure, fantasy, oak and vineyard hills and Nishigoi koi images.
David, whose career was launched with a sold out show at Maxwell Galleries in San Francisco, has been a professional artist for 57 years.
David grew up as the son of a Lutheran minister who, due to his duties, moved his family frequently throughout the Nebraska countryside. Kreitzer has exhibited his work in numerous one-man shows in museums, universities and galleries across the country, and his paintings have served as posters for the Mozart Festival in San Luis Obispo, California, Atlantic Magazine and the Seattle Opera. He was a featured artist for the American Artist Magazine, and his collectors include Michael Douglas, Mary Tyler Moore, the Howard Ahmansons, the Robert Takkens, the Cargill Corporation and the Hind and Hirshhorn Foundations. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Thomas Albright, in his review of David Kreitzer’s first solo exhibit at Maxwell Galleries in San Francisco, wrote: “Kreitzer demonstrates how much poetic intensity the old tradition can still contain.” He has recently moved to Bend from the California coast, where he resides with his wife, celebrated opera singer Jacalyn Kreitzer. They have two children, Anatol and Fredrica.
Exhibiting daily 1-5pm and all First Fridays.

Layor Art + Supply
1000 NW Wall St., Ste. 110
541-322-0421 •
Layor Art is excited to be hosting Anastasia Zielinski for the month of March. Anastasia is a local multidisciplinary artist and arts educator. Her practice centers around painting, fiber-based collage and installation. She received her BFA with a minor in art history from Pratt institute. Zielinski has shown her work nationally and internationally, and has created site-specific installations for INSCAPE arts, Shunpike’s Storefront Seattle, Spaceworks Tacoma and CLAVO. Latest residencies include Casa Lü and eeeee, both located in Mexico City. Anastasia’s work was recently featured in the inaugural issue of PHAC zine.
Zielinski’s art explores the physical world and our connection to it. Time spent outside is vital to her wellbeing and artistic practice. Anastasia’s process starts in nature with walking meditations. As she moves, surroundings dissolve into patterns of color and light and the artist experiences a sense of wonder, creative energy and a desire to share these positive sensations with others.
Anastasia has spent the last five years documenting the plant life of public spaces, gardens, parks and lands, through her work. Rather than highlight grand vistas and panoramas, she chooses to focus on the variety of vegetation that thrive in the often-overlooked areas along the way. Anastasia is particularly drawn to moments of overgrowth and density, where there is no foreseeable end to the foliage. These mysterious environments inspire dense, detailed compositions that spark wonder and draw you in.
Anastasia’s show goes through the month of March and can be viewed during Layor’s regular business hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 12-4pm. The artist will be present during first Friday art walk to meet and greet the public and answer any questions you may have about her art and practice.

Linus Pauling Gallery
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon
61980 Skyline Ranch Rd.
541-385-3908 •
Continuing thru April 2 at the Linus Pauling Gallery, Fractals, Repeated Patterns in Nature.

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery
Old Mill District, second story loft
541-330-0840 •
The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Thru the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. Call the studio for hours and appointments.

Oxford Hotel
10 NW Minnesota Ave.
Janice Rhodes is an artist that paints in a contemporary style with an ancient medium called encaustics. The word encaustic is Greek for “to burn in” and refers to the constant use of heat in the process. Pure beeswax, resin and pigment are melted and kept molten and brushed onto a birch board. The medium immediately cools so must be reheated by a torch or heat gun. Every layer is fused with this technique. This process has been used for three thousand years!
“When I retired, I took lessons in many mediums from Washington State to Mexico, but when I took a class in encaustics here in Bend I became enthralled.” She says there cannot be a more frustrating, but yet more rewarding medium.
Janice is one of the original members of the Red Chair Gallery, and is one of the 13 members of the High Desert Art League. Join Janice on the first Friday of March at the beautiful Oxford Hotel.

Peterson Contemporary Art
550 NW Franklin Ave.
541-633-7148 •
Peterson Contemporary Art is proud to be featuring the work of Korey Gulbrandson, Robin and John Gumaelius and Patrick Lee, three artists who have three unique styles. On First Friday, March 3, our show, Modern Traditions, will open from 5-8 pm.
Korey Gulbrandson starts each piece with a hand-crafted wood canvas and evolves with an accumulation of layers, manipulating wax and various mediums. Using a torch and carving tools, Korey scribes and removes the layers. This technique creates a surprising plane of texture and color.
John and Robin Gumaelius are a husband-and-wife artistic team that creates captivating and unique sculptures of human and birdlike forms. They use numerous methods of mixed media of clay, wood, thread and various other objects to create their art.
Patrick Lee works primarily in oils, charcoal and watercolor (gouache). His chosen subject matter generally ranges from figurative works and landscapes to still life and interiors.

Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave.
541-306-3176 •
In March, Red Chair Gallery showcases Michelle Lindblom’s abstract acrylic paintings and monotype and Kenneth Marunowski’s oil paintings of landscapes and flowers. Blue Spruce Pottery also displays functional stoneware pieces with their iconic Central Oregon mountains motif. Located at the corner of Bond Street and Oregon Avenue, Red Chair Gallery is open seven days a week: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm and Sunday, 12-4 pm. Open late on Friday, March 3 for First Friday.

Sage Custom Framing & Gallery
834 NW Brooks St.
541-382-5884 •
Continuing at Sage Custom Framing and Gallery is a group show called Mixed Media. A variety of local artists are displaying their creative works in everything from oil to watercolor, fabric to collage, prints to drawings and more. Just about anything goes in this show! Showing thru April 1.

SageBrushers Art Society
117 SW Roosevelt Ave.
541-617-0900 •
SageBrushers Art Society presents an exhibit of paintings by its Wednesday Mixer group of artists. Don’t miss seeing the work of this accomplished group of artists, whose painting seems to thrive from their weekly shared studio space. The Sagebrushers Gallery is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 1-4pm. Showing thru April.

Scalehouse Gallery
550 NW Franklin Ave., Ste 138
541-640-2186 •
MOsley WOtta, The Fate of Understanding, with a First Friday Opening: March 3, 5-7pm.
The Fate of Understanding is an ongoing, site-specific series and visual conversation about impermanence, ownership and soft forms of revolution. This series, painted directly onto the wall, is rendered in black + color for the duration of each exhibition and then whitewashed. This process simultaneously makes the work invisible and ever-present.
The latest iteration of The Fate of Understanding will be on display at Scalehouse Gallery for March + April.
Open Wednesday-Saturday from 1-6pm, showing March 3 thru April 29.

The Stacks Art Studios & Gallery
Old Mill District, Second Floor
The Stacks Art Studios & Gallery features the artwork and work of local creators Lindsey Luna Tucker, Kira Frances, Lindsay Gilmore, Ashley Paggi and Alyson Brown.
Lindsey Luna Tucker uses her sensitivity to emotion, exaggeration of gesture and manipulation of color and space, to create abstract landscape oil paintings. While her work is rooted in a visual awareness of the physical world, she favorites emotional truth over visual realism.
Kira Frances creates oil paintings to investigate the nature of truth and share alternative realms of beauty. For her still life pieces, she sets up the objects and alters their context just enough to suggest a dream-like landscape; for her geometric pieces, she takes an idea and deconstructs it, revealing the concept through the display of shapes and angles.
Lindsay Gilmore creates abstract landscape paintings inspired by the colors and compositions that have captivated her while on adventures outdoors with her family.
Ashley Paggi (Ash Cascade) is a surface pattern designer whose bohemian/retro style evokes a polished yet gritty sense of place. While she mainly licenses her art, you can find some of her own products such as bandanas, mugs and stickers, at The Stacks.
Alyson Brown (Wild Folklore) is a photographer and stylist specializing in beverage and botanicals. While she focuses most of her time on brand development and content creation, Alyson is also The Stacks in-house mixologist for First Fridays.
Call the studio for hours and appointments.

Touchmark at Pilot Butte
(Previously The Alexander)
1125 NE Watt Way
541- 238-6101 •
High Desert Art League member Barbara Hudler Cella is the featured artist at The Alexander for the months of February and March. The award-winning artist will highlight her paintings of Central Cascade lakes, rivers and mountains. “Most of my work is created outdoors, with the scene unfolding in front of me. The process is exhilarating as I strive to capture the fleeting energy of the moment in real time on my canvas.”

Tumalo Art Company
Old Mill District
541-385-9144 •
March Exhibit at Tumalo Art Co. — Eqiulux, group exhibit.
For March, the artists in Tumalo Art Co. will celebrate the Equilux with a group exhibit opening March 3, from 3-7pm during the First Friday Gallery Walk in the Old Mill District.
Twice a year, day and night reach a perfect balance of 12 hours each, creating a little-known event called the Equilux. The Equilux happens just a few days before the much more well-known equinox, which happens March 20 this year. Equilux means “equal light” in Latin and describes when day and night are equal.
This is a compelling subject for artists who are often enthralled by that moment when day becomes night and the incredible light effects that are produced. Art in many mediums and sizes will describe the effect of light and dark on the land and objects in this exhibit.
Tumalo Art Co. is an artist-run gallery in the heart of the Old Mill District open seven days a week.

The Wine Shop
55 NW Minnesota Ave.
541-389-2884 •
The Wine Shop is showing oil paintings by Sagebrushers Art Society member Karen Cain Bond. Karen’s passion as an award winning western artist is to portray the contemporary cowboy. She’s studied under Harley Brown, Richard McKinley, Thomas Blackshear and CAA artist Bruce Greene. Come enjoy these beautifully rendered depictions of the modern cowboy along with one of the fine wines on offer. Showing thru April.

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