New Children’s Book Encourages Readers to Take Care of Others & the Places We Play

(Photo courtesy of Ladies Allride)

A fun rhyming book that celebrates the endless joy and life lessons we can get from riding mountain bikes, Mountain Biking Adventures with Izzy, Etiquette Is a Big Word is available now anywhere books are sold online. Written by professional mountain biker and longtime skills coach Lindsey Richter, the book is an empowering story encouraging children (and all humans) to help the world be a better place.

With more and more people getting into mountain biking, a book about etiquette is not only for kids, but really for all ages to read and learn how bikes can bring joy, confidence, community and tons of fun into our lives. Richter collaborated on the book with aeronautical engineer Heidi Ashwell, who approached Lindsey with the idea. The art was done by talented artist and mountain biker Kristina Wayte.

“I reached out to Lindsey and asked, what if we could teach the younger generation of riders, or those just starting to mountain bike, the rules we all try to live by when using the trails? What would those primary lessons be and how could we encourage trail stewardship in a fun and educational way,” said Ashwell.

Richter founded a movement dedicated to growing the global community of women-identifying mountain bikers called Ladies AllRide in 2010. She has a long history in the bike industry as a racer (1996-2014) and program manager and has been a strong advocate to get more women involved with mountain biking for over a decade. Richter and her team run a series of mountain bike skills events around the country dedicated to teaching women and girls how to mountain bike while helping them relate bikes to life.

“Mountain biking changed and saved my life and I have been on a mission to educate women and girls about the power of the sport,” said Richter. “I wish I learned a lot of these life lessons from the bike at a younger age, so hopefully this book will help the younger generation realize how bikes can build confidence, teach them how to face and conquer fears and help them see what they’re capable of on and off the bike.”

Richter was elated and honored when Heidi asked her if she was interested in writing a children’s book dedicated to helping new trail users be more aware of their etiquette. Together they hope to see more people enjoying bikes and experiencing what playing outside can do for theirs and their kids’ lives.

About Mountain Biking Adventures with Izzy: Etiquette is a Big Word

Join Izzy and her friend Lyle on an eventful ride as they zoom through the forest, twist around trees and learn important lessons about trail etiquette along the way. Izzy shows readers the importance of being prepared for adventures, as well as what it looks like to take care of others and the places we play.

Izzy loves riding mountain bikes to explore the great outdoors, to stay active, remain healthy and have fun. The confidence she gets from biking helps her learn how to face fears and be courageous, so she uses her bike as a tool for personal growth. She really loves introducing new people to the sport and bringing friends together to practice good trail stewardship and build community through bikes.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Squirrely the squirrel throughout the book! Does he get in the way, or does he help everyone have a fun and safe adventure?

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