New Perspective for February

Agreements are made near the 1st of the month and new beginnings start to show themselves by the 3rd. A fresh start in relationships is refreshing and conversations get lighter after the 7th. Appreciate the reprieve from craziness and let yourself simply enjoy your life.
Conversations are smooth and easy on the 10th and you begin to realize you are adjusting to the recent changes. Decisions made on the 13th bring celebration and plans for the near future. Opportunities during this time ask for you to let go of old wounds and trust enough to move forward. Step into what you say you want on the 16th and you could be surprise at how comfortable you are.
Talk about the changes that you need on the 20th and be receptive to expanding your relationships. Big changes on the 22nd ask for you to take the high road and let go of doubts and worries. Make the choice that feels right for you then get ready to take some private space for a while. The New Moon on the 26th brings completion and a strong awareness that life is presenting a noticeable change. Stay as receptive as possible over the last two days and realize it takes a little time to adjust to the new situation.
Love and Light Always, Eileen Lock Clairvoyant Astrologer/Spiritual Medium, 541-389-1159, 1471 NW Newport Ave., Bend, OR 97701,, Listen for the song in your heart, find the melody and dance to the music.

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