New Perspective for September

This month is full of challenges and begins with decisions about what direction to go on the 1st. Trust is important on the 3rd as new opportunities start to surface. Speak up on the 6th and ask for what you need. Consider your options on the 8th and be honest about you see. Let go of old ideas on the 11th so that you can move forward with ease.

The New Moon on the 14th invites change and communication will be necessary. Moderation will make a big difference on the 16th and strong boundaries will be required. Notice the change that is happening on the 20th and welcome the impact it is having on your life. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd is a time to re-evaluate your relationships and make the necessary changes.

Move away from stressful situations on the 24th and take responsibility for your happiness. Be an active participant on the 25th and say “Yes” to something new. Find a way to take a time out on the 27th and let the dust settle. The Full Moon on the 29th brings unexpected changes and you need to be ready for new beginnings. Finish the month by celebrating what has happened and realize adjustments will need to be made.

Love and Light Always,
Eileen Lock
Clairvoyant Astrologer / Spiritual Medium
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