Oxford Hotel Presents Magical Season, Susan Basic’s Colorful Acrylic Paintings

(Above: Angelic Trio II, acrylic on canvas by Susan Busik)

 Busik’s whimsical, intricately patterned paintings allegorically express her Mexican cultural heritage. In the tradition of Mexican Folk Art, the artist reveals the perceived world through magical elements.

Recently mystical, yet realistic, renderings of ponderosa pine and juniper trees lighted by full moons join her imagery. These trees express early childhood memories of dramatic shadows of ponderosa pines against the evening sky. The artist also exhibits her traditional magical forests with butterflies and hummingbirds surrounded by spiraled dots of brilliant color symbolizing spirit’s presence in our material world.

In addition, an elaborately detailed Madonna, surrounded by red blooms, devoutly presses her hands and closes her eyes in prayer. A trio of praying angels with elaborately and brilliantly decorated skirts also appear in the exhibit.  Throughout the artworks, Busik painstakingly expresses the complexity of the folk art’s design and color.

Magical Season exhibit continues through January 6, 2018.

Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the Oxford Hotel exhibition schedule.  For additional information please contact her at 503-780-2828 or billyeturner@bendnet.com

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