The Perplexing Tale of The Red Violin

What do tarot cards, Samuel L. Jackson, the year 1720 and Elizabeth Pitcairn have in common? A mysterious Red Mendelssohn Antonio Stradivari violin. Watch the perplexing tale Saturday, September 30 at 7pm during a screening of The Red Violin presented by The Tower Theatre Foundation.

Academy Award-winner for Best Original Score, The Red Violin follows the intricate history of an antique violin painted in blood with a future forecast by tarot cards. Over the course of four centuries, the Violin makes its way from Italyto Austria to a tribe of mountain-dwelling gypsies, to 19th-century England to Communist China and finally to contemporary Canada where expert appraiser (Samuel L. Jackson) tries his luck.

Before the film, the Red Violin’s current owner and renowned classical violinist, Elizabeth Pitcairn, will share her experiences with the legendary Stradivarius. Named the Red Stradivarius violin while in the possession of Joseph Joachim, it was a gift from her grandfather in 1990 at Christie’s Auction in London. Elizabeth has performed at Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Alice Tully Hall, the Fisher Center and will preview her October 7 concert at the Tower launching High Desert Chamber Music’s tenth anniversary season.


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