Peterson/Roth Gallery: Holly Rodes & Rand Scot Smithey

At Peterson/Roth gallery we are excited to be representing the work of Rand Scot Smithey and Holly Rodes Smithey, a couple that are veterans to the art community here in Bend. To have the opportunity to present such high quality work to our collectors gives us satisfaction in the knowledge that we are working with the most talented of artists in the local area. As a relatively new gallery we are proud to continue offering our clients and the community the opportunity to view, and to live with, artwork that is both aesthetically beautiful and thought provoking.

Rand and Holly have been long time residents of Bend and share a beautiful working studio in Tumalo. They execute both individual works of art and collaborative pieces. We are excited about their shared vision and the fact that they both are on a creative path that celebrates experimentation and a process driven execution. Rand’s working method involves spending time reading and listening to music for the initial spark. As he proceeds though a work he allows the piece to evolve through that influence of sound and word. He will start with a specific goal that references some aspect of the world but plans for incident and accident to influence the process. “For me it is very important to allow the work time and space in order to facilitate an evolution of form and color”. Rand’s work includes painting, where he cultivates a narrative about the history of the painting’s creation, and sculpture where he is engaged in the exploration of volume and mass in a more physical way. Ultimately Rand is always looking for a new way of seeing.

Holly’s Sculptural pieces are also process driven and are created with various surfaces that act as abstract grounds to form relationships, emotions or stories with varied direction. Movement and texture are employed to evoke a history, just as the forest or desert floor changes with the weather or physical disturbances, so too are the works encouraged to represent this natural process. Holly will etch and develop patinas on metal with both a hot and cold method. “Experimentation and combining layers and colors allows me to achieve a unique depth and texture”. Always Holly’s work is inspired by architecture and its relationship with the landscape and each is influenced by a sense of place.

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