Plein Air To Studio-Oregon Landscapes Exhibit by Plein Air Painters of Oregon

((L-R) View from the Top by Susan Hood, Smith Rock by Wendy Wheeler Jacobs and Old Mill by Liz Leeberg)

COCC Barber Library Rotunda Exhibit
January 3 through February 25, 2022

Plein Air Painters of Oregon (PAPO) is a group of outdoor landscape painters based largely in Central Oregon. Plein Air to Studio-Oregon Landscapes features the work of PAPO members, including both expressive paintings from the field, and studio paintings influenced by the outdoor painting experience. The exhibit is showing at the COCC Barber Library Rotunda January 3-February 25, 2022. The College is located at 2600 NW College Way in Bend. The Library is open from 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday. Admission to the exhibit is free.

Plein air painting comes from the word “open air” in French, meaning the entire painting is conceived and executed on location. For centuries artists have been painting en plein air primarily using this method as a source for larger studio landscapes. The Impressionist painters of the late 19th century shocked the art world by presenting their outdoor work as the finished piece. Since then artists around the world have enjoyed sharing their plein air work as fully valid finished pieces.

The magic and spark of plein air comes from the artist’s response to the intensity of color, light and shadows, the temperature, wind, humidity, the challenge of bugs and changing light. Painting en plein air is an intense experience that requires immense concentration and quick reactions. A landscape caught from this exhilarating experience often has a freshness and liveliness that can’t be achieved in the studio.

PAPO was established as a nonprofit organization in 2003. The purpose is to share a love of painting out-of-doors in Oregon with like-minded people. This is accomplished primarily by providing an organized environment for dedicated painters — both professional and emerging — to participate regularly in scheduled group paint outs around the state. At each paint out, participants enjoy group reviews to foster an exchange of ideas and techniques. PAPO also strives to develop public awareness of plein air painting through various endeavors, including support of member plein air art shows, the written word and community involvement.

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