Premiere of I SHOT JENNIFER LOPEZ at 2nd Street Theater

Cricket Daniel’s latest play opens on September 23 and runs through October 8.  There is a Champagne and Dessert Reception on Opening Night. 

Best friends Norah and Ally are living and pursuing their dreams in Manhattan.  But after Norah’s parents inform her they will no longer pay their rent; the girls’ days in the Big Apple are numbered.  Until Norah, finds herself in a situation that can result in a big windfall. But this windfall comes at a cost.  With the help of their loveable stoner neighbor Jude, the girls make a decision that will impact their lives forever.  I Shot Jennifer Lopez will invite the question, what are you willing to do for money?

I Shot Jennifer Lopez is directed by veteran director Susan Benson.

The play runs September 23-October 8.

CONTACT:        Cricket Daniel

Company:        Writer Rider Productions/2nd Street Theater

Phone Number:   541-312-9626

Website URL:

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