Warm Springs Horse Network Presents Harry & Snowman Documentary

The Warm Springs Horse Network (WSHN) once again is honored to present an exclusive one – night advance screening of a heartwarming documentary, Harry and Snowman.

WSHN efforts found few documentaries that would provide you with an overwhelming feeling of enlightenment such as Harry and Snowman.  This film compels you towards a life embracing experience.

Held at the Madras Performing Arts Center in Madras this genuine uplifting true story will be presented Friday, September 23 in the state-of-the-art center located at 411 Buff Street – Madras.

Tickets may be purchased on line at www.wshorsenetwork.myevent.com for $10 each or at the door.

Silent auction items will be available for viewing and purchase.  All proceeds go to the 501c3 group Warm Springs Horse Network.

Stories of heartwarming reality touch our lives just so often.   Sea biscuit did in the 1930s, Snowman in the 1950’s and then once again Secretariat in the 70’s.  Until recently, California Chrome took a page from that reality.  Touching the hearts of a nation at just the right time, inspiring a will to move forward under insurmountable odds.   This documentary will be the first time that Harry & Snowman’s remarkable and heartfelt story will be told by 85-year-old Harry himself who remains a survivor in his own rite. A twinkle in his eye at 89 Harry remains a genuine man with zest for life. Brutally honest with a flair for humor.

Harry & Snowman is a feature length documentary about international show jumping rider Harry DeLeyer and his famous horse Snowman. After World War II, Harry and his wife immigrated to the United States from Holland.  He began a career as a riding instructor at the exclusive all girls Knox School in Long Island New York. This pair were preordained to become renowned jumping champions. Snowman became an intricate dynamic of Harry’s family and ten children.

While looking for an inexpensive lesson horse Harry laid eyes on a grey plow horse at a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse.  That is when Snowman gave Harry a “wink” the date was 1956.  To be sure, that “wink” told Harry this horse was meant for more than slaughterhouse doom. Harry knew he was something. Snowman was an Amish plow horse used for farm work bound for the glue factory. Snowman cost Harry $80.00, a hefty sum in 1956.  In less than two years after his rescue, they were national show jumping champions winning the triple crown of show jumping.  Harry had become the key that unlocked the potential of a world class showman, Harry held the key to this horse’s heart and that would be clearly revealed. This pair was on the edge of making the difference this world was waiting to hear, saving Snowman’s life was going to make a difference in so many lives, including Harry!This nations pedigree bloodjumpers were unable to come close to the abilities of the unprecedented winning streak Harry and Snowman were on– the pair had become national celebrities in the United States.

As the Cinderella story of late 1950s and 1960s. Snowman came to be known as the “Cinderella Horse”.  A true life rags to riches story presented in cinematic documentary form.  This film plays like a fairytale, it embodies the potential in recognizing life for what it truly is, and truly can be. A love story of kindness, acceptance and understanding. True love and adoration between a man and a horse. This feature length documentary reveals the journey from plow horse to international show jumper. With rider Harry deLeyer.

Snowman won the 1958 horse show jumping Triple Crown — the American Horse Shows Association Horse of the Year, – Professional Horseman’s Association Champion and Champion of Madison Square Garden’s Diamond Jubilee. Travelling internationally, he represented the United States at the World Championships in Sweden in 1983 and was recognized by the United States Equestrian Foundation with a Pegasus Medal of Honor in 2002 for his lifetime contribution to the sport.

Snowman was born in 1948 and died at age 24 in 1974, he was eight (8) when Harry rescued him.  Snowman retiredfrom competition in 1962 to Harry’s Long Island farm until his death in 1974.In 1992 Snowman was inducted posthumously into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame.

In addition to winning show-jumping prizes and international renown, his media sensationalism was the delight of late night television.   Snowman appeared on Johnny Carson‘s Tonight Show and the popular game showTo Tell the Truth. Snowman had a personal fan club!    Snowman was profiled twice in Life magazine and was the subject of three best-selling books, including the 2011 NY Times Best-Seller, The Eighty-Dollar Champion.

“The feature-length documentary Harry & Snowman, premiered at Durham’s well-regarded Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.  The film marks the first time deLeyer has told his life story, which of course includes Snowman.”

“Harry deLeyer recalls”how he knew he found “a special horse in Snowman and how Snowman became like a member of his family.”  The video was scored by award-winning composers Joel Goodman and Elik Alvarez.”

SNOWMAN, The True Story of a Champion will be published by Simon & Schuster. It is an adaptation of the original best-selling 1962 book, SNOWMAN, by Rutherford Montgomery which has been out of print for more than 25 years and includes a brand new photo insert.”

The local nonprofit group, The Warm Springs Horse Network (WSHN) 501c3 – is proud to bring this passionate film for review, as it brings to the forefront the need to recognize our equine for their true value.  In many cultures historically, as well as, value in today’s world.  Horses face yet intensified challenges presented on lands compromised by fire, drought and government regulations.  Many liken these challenges to mankind itself realizing the confines of thriving in today’s world.  Changing equine perception, we as a people face mounting trials testing even the strongest of men, bringing awareness to the mustang will begin the conversation necessary for the reality of “Wild” and “Mustang” to maintain its origin.    The efforts of homing the local mustang foals from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs became apparent in May 2014.  WSHN has been working with the Range Management department since that time.

Lessons of stamina, guidance, intelligence and the desire to prove one’s self -WSHN’s efforts homing the orphaned foals from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs has become a rewarding activity aiding the entire community.  Placing orphaned foals into loving corrals throughout Oregon into Washington, Idaho, Utah, California and as far away as Alaska.  The retail influx for horse related items has put welcomed dollars into our communities.

The WSHN journey has been amazing enabling foals to become welcome productive members of the equine society, winning blue ribbons at the Oregon State Fair, numerous first place ribbons, awards and cash prizes for participation in yearling shows.  “We are proud of our children who work and train these exquisite sound minded horses,” says Shontae Thomas, President of WSHN.   “And proud of the efforts of all who aid and support us.  Exceedingly proud of our relationship with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs for allowing WSHN this opportunity. To proudly love and care for the mustangs, we as a community have become the true recipients of what goodness can bring.” The foals from the Warm Springs Reservation are now referred to as PacificNorthwest American Heritage Horses and may be registered as such with the American Indian Horse Registry and the NAMAR Registry.

WSHN works diligently to provide adopters with ongoing educational opportunities, hosting gelding clinics, in hand trail shows and specialized clinics.  They encourage network adopters to participate in conversation with others though a designated face book page called “Show Off your Warm Springs Horse”.  They also host an equine sales page “The Warm Springs Horse Network”.   WSHN has worked involving local retail companies who have graciously help contribute to the success of the horse’s nutrition and medical needs.  They also receive the support and guidance of numerous rescues such as Three Sisters Rescue in Bend.

WSHN has surpassed 560 successfully homed orphaned foals and some mare foal pair. Costs continue to rise for the nutritional and medical needs of the foals.  All proceeds from this presentation of Harry and Snowman will go to enable continued efforts to house, care and provide loving adoptive homes for foals.

The WSHN board members are ecstatic to bring to you this engaging, entertaining, enlightening true story as a value to the community.  WSHN hopes that by premiering this heartfelt life story it will encourage all of us.  Relating in many ways the foals lives to our own. Placing that encouragement in our own backyards.  WSHN has worked for a year at gaining the attention of the producers and staff who created Harry and Snowman to graciously present it to you in our own Performing Arts Center here in Madras, Oregon.  We feel it was filmed with a purpose, to define a man’s life, a horse’s life.  A purpose that exhibits more than desire, a purpose to survive in a world and become the best – together.  We know it will touch your heart as it did ours   We also know it will change some lives forever, as it did for Harry and Snowman.

Get your tickets on line or at the door – hurry the 610 seats for Harry &Snowman will fill fast – remember this is a one-night advance screeningshowing of Harry &Snowman at our Madras Preforming Arts Center – September 23, 2016.  Doors Open at 6pm




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