Redmond’s First Friday Gallery Events & Exhibit Openings

432 SW Sixth St.
541-527-4727 •
Meet local artists at Arome and see some amazing art on Friday, May 5 from 4-7pm. Trenton Bahr’s portraits are shared in homes throughout the world. He was awarded America’s Premier Expert in Portraiture. He is known nationally as a master for his Family, HS Senior and Canine portraits as well as educator and author. Kym Myck is a multi-modal visual artist in Central Oregon. She holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art and is currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainability Education. Rick Thompson is an oil painter who paints landscapes, people, wildlife, machinery, architecture — anything that captures his eye and moves him. He approaches art with fresh eyes constantly exploring, questioning, adapting, and learning.

Art & Music
232 SW Fifth St.
541-527-4426 •
Local artists will be at Art & Music from 4-7pm on Friday, May 5. Janet Kilgore is a self-taught artist living in Redmond. Her style is whimsical, engaging, colorful and fun using acrylics on wrapped canvas. Kelley Salber loves to experiment with the book as a sculptural form. Using her passion for texture and color, she imaginatively forms miniature worlds in a variety of forms.

Cares & Whoas
436 SW Sixth St.
916-354-2119, ext. 104 •
Redmond artists will be at Cares Whoas Friday, May 5. Julie Miller’s paintings and drawings are done in various media from acrylics, watercolors, graphite, colored pencil and pen & ink including mixed media. She loves horses but also will do an occasional dog or two, landscapes, some wildlife and birds. Connie Soballe, encouraged by her grandchildren, began to experiment with pyrography. She eventually combined watercolor with pyrography to explore nature and then started FireColor Designs.

Desert Prairie Boutique
404 SW Sixth St., Ste. 100
541-527-1887 •
Come meet with local artists at Desert Prairie Boutique on Friday, May 5. Judd Rook is a photographer in search of the subtle voice within the diverse harmonies of the natural world. When found, the voice invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of beauty and wonder. When K.C. Snider moved to Central Oregon she became a full-time independent illustrator of children’s books for Guardian Angel publishing company. She is now a full-time Wildlife Western Artist.

Grace & Hammer Pizzeria
641 SW Cascade Ave.
541-668-6684 •
See some amazing art and meet with local artists at Grace & Hammer on Friday, May 5. Terri Dill-Simpson devotes lots of time to her love of watercolor paintings. She makes images that sometimes whisper softly, or otherwise march boldly from the paper. “My paintings show my passion for color and the incredible beauty of nature.” Nikole Beck is a pen, ink, pencil, acrylic and watercolor artist. “Starts with a simple line drawing on paper with pencil, then color built up with shading and patterning. Simple, clean and any subject is of interest.”

Harcourts The Garner Group Real Estate
444 SW Sixth St.
541-383-4360 •
Come see amazing art and meet with local artists on Friday, May 5 from 4-7pm. Gary McPherson discovered his love of art and penchant for detail when he was about ten years old. That love of art continues today in both watercolor and oil in which he tries to capture the feeling and beauty of nature surrounding us that we often don’t take the time to see. When James Morris has called Central Oregon home since 2000. His work as a photographer is something he takes great pride in. James loves to manipulate photographs and this often leads to stunning landscapes, striking nature scenes, and colorful images.

High Desert Music Hall
818 SW Forest Ave.
541-527-1387 •
Enjoy local art and meet the artists at High Desert Music Hall on Friday, May 5 from 4-7pm. Debra Higgs was an oil painter for over 50 years until she recently discovered fluid art and was hooked. Fluid art is challenging and rewarding. When you work with fluid art you never really know how your piece will turn out and that’s what makes it so intriguing. Diana Krugle is an oil painter, white charcoal artist and jewelry maker. She also will do custom commissions.

SCP Redmond Hotel
521 SW Sixth St.
541-508-7600 •
Come to downtown Redmond on Friday, May 5 from 4-7pm and see amazing art and meet with local artists. Camille Fitterer is an intuitive, energetic and geological artist. She creates artwork and sculptures using her rockhounding treasures along with her intuitive energetic connection to Source Energy and Positive Vibrations which are infused within her works of art. Katie Harris is a fused glass artist. She creates beautiful pieces that are both functional and artistic. Alexa Oxenrider is a Western oil painter. She is inspired by horses/cowboy lifestyle and paints a lot of landscapes. She also burns on felt hats along with wood in the same Western genre. Shireen Gastineau takes precious images gathered in nature, then wielding the digital world of ‘paints’ and layers, those images transform into a world of her making. Most of her art is 20 to 100 layers of her images blended to a finished piece. Jessica Olson creates many different styles of acrylic fluid art pours. Alissa McLain is a high school art student who creates amazing art using colored pencils and markers. She also experiments with watercolors, acrylics, graphite, digital art, chalk pastels and embroidery.

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