Revitalizing Our Nature

Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. – Oprah Winfrey


With spring comes renewal, change, a rekindling of spirit and optimism. As the sun shines brighter and the days get longer (until we have those few days of high desert rain) we relish more time outdoors while landscapes blossom and nature rebuilds.

The year appears to be kicking off in a stimulating and provocative way with an economic upturn and hopefulness we haven’t had for awhile. Many of us have learned some lessons in excessive spending and basic business survival. We might just be a little guarded about how to proceed. But that cautiousness can motivate us to make better decisions in the future revitalizing our nature.
The art world has been no less touched by the economy than any other industry. The number of galleries that have closed in the last few years in Central Oregon seems astounding, yet many have survived, thrived and new ones are beginning to sprout. The cooperative galleries like Red Chair, Tumalo Art Co. and Artists’ Gallery at Sunriver are flourishing, which gives measure to a cooperative nature as a workable resolution.

Throughout the struggling economy our own Mockingbird Gallery, Sage Custom Framing & Gallery, Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery and Atelier 6000 have thrived — as has the beautiful and treasured High Desert Museum and Museum at Warm Springs, and brand new galleries emerge including Paul Scott Gallery and TAW Gallery.
Appearing out of Central Oregon’s love of art we now have Art at The Oxford joining Art in the Atrium at Franklin Crossing and Sunriver Resort and Pronghorn Galleries all organized by Billye Turner, whose life mission is to keep art alive everywhere.

An added caveat to our art world is the ‘alive and well’ theatre including the long loved Cascades Theatrical Company, the innovative 2nd Street Theater and BEAT enlightening us with historical experiences and young people’s theatre. At long last we have a new kind of theatre in Volcanic Theatre Pub, an all-age cultural arts center located in Bend’s Century Center that will produce live theatre, screen classic films and host many musical, charitable and artistic events.

Several dance studios give great expose to the talents of local dancers especially Terpsichorean Dance Studio which will present its time honored Central Oregon Dance Showcase this month.
We hope you’ve noticed that for several months we have been doing music (CD) reviews in the magazine. We combine a selection of our personal favorites along with a focus on our own local talent, in fact, giving homage to the infamous Todd Haaby in the last issue. We’ve also had the privilege of listening and writing about amazing local musicians as we look forward to summer that brings them to the stage at the Les Schwab Amphitheatre, Tower Theatre, Athletic Club, NorthWest Crossing, Deschutes Expo Center and other outside festival venues.

The literary world is also spotlighted in our community with the flourishing Nature of Words and local writers such as Tom DeWolf, Bethanne Kronick and Michael Harris.

All this and I have yet to mention the Art Station, Americana Project, Caldera, BendFilm Festival, City Walls art exhibits (the brainy creation of Pamela Trow Johnson) or the awe-spectacular roundabout art!
And so into spring and summer we go with a great thanks to all the creative souls in the high desert from the artists, choreographers, dancers, musicians to actors, writers and songwriters….we wouldn’t be able to revitalize our nature without you!

by PAMELA HULSE ANDREWS Cascade A&E Publisher

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