Scalehouse Voices Presents Jess Nickel

(Photo courtesy of Scalehouse Collaborative for the Arts)

Join Scalehouse for a conversation with Jess Nickel. Tickets are free but reservations are required as seats are limited. Donations are welcomed.

Now in its fifth season, Scalehouse Voices is a series of talks with local and visiting artists and scholars, exploring ideas and techniques, practice and process, creativity and culture. We are excited to present Jess Nickel, Finding Space, Curating the Inbetween. As an independent curator, Jess gives a talk on her roving exhibition series SATOR projects, as well as the challenges and lessons of finding the space for a personal creative practice when it doesn’t sustain you financially.

Artist Talk
November 29
OSU-Cascades Campus

The Native Arts + Culture Project

The Native Arts + Culture Project features Native Artists from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs — providing a platform for showcasing for Indigenous artists to share their lived experiences, both past and present, through their art and culture — while inviting the Bend community to engage, learn and explore their own understanding of local Native culture. Project in partnership with Warm Springs Community Action Team and Tananáwit.
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Walking Through the Desert with My Eyes Closed Featuring Nancy Floyd

On View November 4-December 31, 2022
I initially traveled to Death Valley National Park in California each year as a way to explore a beautiful, often inhospitable landscape. However, after a few years of annual sojourns to the desert, it became clear that I was drawn to barren landscapes. They were exquisitely designed environments where I could be utterly alone, with no human sounds to distract me. I had lost both my parents, and the land became a metaphor for my loss.
Today, the desert is my second home. While hiking, I ponder the marks humans make — those that are temporary (footsteps in the sand), those that are designed to be useful (trailhead signs), and those that destroy (graffiti on petroglyphs, vandalism). I feel vulnerable and insignificant with my backpack and water, yet cognizant that I can do much harm if I choose.
The desert is a place where loss is evident even while life continues to adapt and survive. Walking explores the fragility of life as I see it while making my way through barren landscapes. I’m thinking about the literal and metaphorical evidence that we leave behind.

The Scalehouse Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday from 1-6pm. We are located in the Tin Pan Alley of the Franklin Crossing building, 550 NW Franklin, Suite 138.
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