Scoundrel Murdered Near Sunriver,Wife Suspected Suspects — A Northwest Murder Mystery by Ted Haynes

The Robleda Company has published a new novel set in the Bend, Prineville, Portland and Sunriver area telling the story of a widely despised man found dying on his back deck by the hero of the book Dan Martinez, an intense young man with no training in detective work and only a limited knowledge of
criminal law.

To deflect suspicion from himself and the murdered man’s wife, he searches out a host of people who had reason to kill the man, uncovering the victim’s history of fraud, bribery and extortion.
The story takes us to the Cascades Lakes for a long distance swim, to bike trails through the forest and to a running trail along the Deschutes River by Benham Falls.
Suspects is the third book set in Central Oregon by Haynes author of The Terrorist and co-author of Vandervert – The Hundred Year History of a Central Oregon Ranch.

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