Shared Milestones

Local fiber and paint artists (and twins) Lori and Lisa Lubbesmeyer turned 48 in March and celebrated their professional collaboration of 18 years. In a delightful email they said, “We’re used to sharing milestones, so much so that they don’t hold a lot of significance to us. ‘Hey, it’s my birthday! Big deal, it’s mine too — what do want to do for your birthday?’ You may be able to see how celebrating one’s birth, from the ego’s perspective, isn’t very special when you’re a twin.”
Hey it was my birthday in March too as was, on the same day, the wearable art designer Harriet Langmas’ who turned 85. We’re no twins, but we do share a special bond especially on that one day in March. Birthdays don’t seem like a big deal anymore but Lori and Lisa made it special with their unique inspiration saying….”But the birthday of dedicating one’s life to creativity, now that’s special. And times two? …… And now time is beginning to reward us for not walking away from our work – we’ve done this long enough, we’ve learned we can trust. The more we’re open to inspiration and offering it everything we’ve got, the more we seem to be rewarded with results.”
Take the time to read the entire insightfully delightful sentiment:

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