Shuffle Concert Restacks the Musical Deck

shuffleconcertImagine a live concert where the audience chooses the music. A pop song immediately follows a Baroque concerto. Forty possible musical works can be randomly selected from nineteen different musical styles. It’s all possible when the Shuffle Concert returns to Central Oregon at Bend’s historic Tower Theatre, Tuesday, April 23 at 7:30pm.  

Shuffle Concert is a unique a group of six virtuoso musicians who are re-inventing the way chamber concerts are presented and performed. Everyone who comes to the Shuffle Concert will receive an individually numbered menu filled with musical masterpieces in every musical style: Baroque, Classical and Romantic to Jazz, Pop and Broadway. When a menu number is selected, the audience member with that number chooses the musical style and individual song the sextet will perform next. Every concert is a completely new experience, both for the audience and the Shuffle Concert performers.  

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