Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Endowment Fund Reaches First Year Goal

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS), a nonprofit organization that produces world’s largest outdoor quilt show, has successfully reached its first-year Endowment campaign goal to raise $40,000. The Endowment Fund, which was announced by founder Jean Wells Keenan in July 2015 at the 40th Anniversary Celebration, achieved this goal within ten months of launching the campaign.

“The SOQS Endowment Fund was established to support the future growth of our nonprofit organization by ensuring eventual sustainability through meeting financial goals and covering operating costs, noted Wells Keenan. “This enables SOQS to bring its mission to life for years to come.”

Since July 2015, more than 37 donors have contributed to the Endowment Fund. “The gift, which enabled us to reach our first-year, goal arrived in a surprising and most creative way,” said Jeanette Pilak, SOQS executive director.

“Staff and volunteers were working when Cosi, the office terrier who has designated herself official building greeter, went to investigate new arrivals,” Pilak continued. “When we called the dog to come back in the office, there was an envelope clipped to her collar. It was a $2,500 check made out to the SOQS Endowment Fund along with a note that read, “In appreciation for the 40 years of creativity and commerce you have brought to our City. May the Endowment Fund grow to preserve this inspired and inspiring tradition.” The donor requested anonymity.

Reaching the first-year goal is a major achievement, and work will continue to grow the fund to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show’s final goal of $400,000.

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